Day 15 - Learn How to Build a Website Yourself in WordPress 2017

Last Update: May 27, 2017

Hey there and a Big Welcome to Day 15 of Learn How to Build a Website Yourself in WordPress 2017 – let’s keep moving on!


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So here’s a recap on what I did yesterday – Day 14:

  • Posted my content to my website
  • Deleted the span tags
  • Went through and formatted my content with header tags, images and affiliate links
  • Double checked and ‘tweaked’ my content, and then Published!

Today we’re going to carry on with Jay’s training video and we’ll be looking at Social Media and getting comments on our site.

Here’s a link to Jays training:

We’re starting this section at 39:08 mins – even though in this section Jay is doing a Q & A he answers a very valid question about whether to always add a Meta description to every post.

His answer to that was ‘you don’t have to but I choose to’ – the reason being that “When you post on Social Media, it actually uses that Meta description inside the Social Media post”. He does this so he has the ability to control what’s shown there.

From there Jay actually goes through and Publishes his content, which we’ve already done, he goes through looking at posting on Social Media and Getting Comments. This starts directly at 47:04 mins

Posting on Social Media

Posting on Google Plus – Jay uses ONLY Google Plus because everything done in G+ directly affects your rankings.

Sign into your Google Plus account and follow through with the process with Jay starting from 47:55 mins – I tried to type it out but you really need to see for yourself the process that Jay goes through. It’s pretty hard to put it into words as he goes backwards and forwards from his post on his site to Google Plus.

Please make sure to go through this process, Jay says there is a method to his madness, but this DOES HELP to positively affect your rankings.This part of the training is only about 7 minutes but it’s well worth following through with it , it finishes at 54:43 mins.

Getting Comments

To get comments we’re going to go into Wealthy Affiliate and ask for comments.

In order to do this you’ll need to have your site hosted on Wealthy Affiliate.

So we go into the WA Comment Tool > Site Rubix – blue button on LHS > Site Comments in the menu

  • Request Comments
  • Select the site you want comments on
  • Select the site page you would like comment on >
  • How many comments would you like – use the slider to choose your number
  • Choose when you want your comments – choose deliver them as soon as possible
  • Click on Preview My Request
  • Preview your request – if satisfied – click on Submit my Request for Comments

You can space your comments over different time periods such as 7 days or 30 days etc,. but ...

What’s great about choosing to have your comments delivered as soon as possible is that you get to approve the comments in your own time anyway – they will appear on your site as you approve them and you’ve staggered them in a time frame that suits you.

Inside of WA you can buy comments, you can earn comments by submitting comments on other people’s sites.The ratio for receiving credits for comments is that you provide two comments and you get one comment credit.

The great thing about using the WA Comments section is that you get the process started of visitors leaving comments, once you have organic traffic come to your site, your visitors are more likely to leave a comment if there’s already comments there – it seems no one really wants to be the first to leave a comment.

Comments are great for engagement, getting WA comments gets that flow going for your organic visitors and your visitors may even see a comment that they want to comment on. It’s gets a flow going!

The Difference Between Site Comments & Site Feedback

Site comments is when you’re actually commenting on someone’s article VS Site feedback is where you offer constructive criticism about the actual site and the layout etc

Ok, so that’s me for today, here’s to you having a fantastic day rest of the day…I’ll see you tomorrow as

Tomorrow we’ll be on Day 16 of Learn how to build a website yourself in WordPress in 2017 where we will carry on from where we left off today!

Thanks so much for coming along, and again, you’re most welcome to leave a comment or ask a question below if you wish to do so, thanks and …



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jtaienao Premium
Thank you Jacqueline for these very helpful tips. Looking forward to the next round.
JacquelineS1 Premium
Hey there Jerome,

You're most welcome, I'm glad they're helpful to you.

And thank you again for coming along and leaving a comment, it really is appreciated.

Cheers Jerome,

DebbieRose Premium
Really appreciate the details. Thanks. Debbie
JacquelineS1 Premium
Hey there Debbie,

You're most welcome. I'm glad you found value in the post and thanks to your for coming along and leaving a comment.


drcmaint Premium
This is good. Thanks.
JacquelineS1 Premium
Hey there John,

Thanks for the lovely comment, I'm glad you're getting something out of the posts. Have a great weekend!


ericpierre Premium
Thanks for Day 15. And thanks for mentioning Jay's training. I will have a look at it right now. Have a great weekend Jacqueline.
JacquelineS1 Premium
Hey there Eric,

You're most welcome and yes, Jay's training is amazing, especially when you can watch everything he does step by step.

It certainly makes my job simpler by being able to direct people to Jays video training as this is exactly what I'm using to build out my sites.

Thanks for the wishes of a great weekend, I hope you have a brilliant one too, cheers,

MKearns Premium
This isn't some cookie cutter series Jacqueline. You give a very detailed and involved discussion of addressing the many complexities of website building!
JacquelineS1 Premium
Thank you Michael for the lovely comment, it does take a bit to put these posts together, but it's great to share what I'm doing and thinking. I'm just glad others are getting out of it as much as I am.

Building websites is such a buzz and seeing it grow as each post is added is very exciting.

Thanks again Michael, cheers,