How to Pick a Niche and Know it is going to Work!

Last Update: August 22, 2019

My Niche Selection System Revealed!

Over the years, I have coached many people, and have done a lot of research in many different niches.

In the past I have a system of steps to determine if a niche is profitable, but I find that the system was too narrow and erases a lot of potential niches.

So, I went out there to search for answers...

I've bought lots of blogging, affiliate marketing, and seo courses, and I have spent hundreds of hours going through each and every course.

And, now I have refined my niche picking system through the things that I've learned, as well as, the things that works for me.

I use this exact system to coach people to find the right niche for their affiliate marketing business. Now, this information is freely available to you:

All the best to you, and I hope that this video will help you confidently pick a niche and know it will work.

Your friend,


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firstlearn Premium
Thank you Jack. A great training to help everyone.

JKulk1 Premium
Thanks Jack. Your training will be a great place to direct newbies to who inevitably ask the question 'What niche should I choose'
Aussiemuso Premium Plus
Loved this Jack it really helped when I was stuck with my niche.
GazBower Premium
Thank you Jack... I will check it out... Any help is really appreciated... I have a couple of niches I am working on currently... But it is always great to see other ideas and learn from more experienced and successful people.

Best wishes
JackCao Premium
Awesome Gaz! I hope that my system will help you.
klchang Premium
Excellent, Jack. Just watched the video and left my comment there too. Appreciate a reply from you. Kind regards.
JackCao Premium
Just replied to you Chang. :)