My Empower Network Review... Scratch that... WARNING

Last Update: July 30, 2013

About a year ago I was looking for ways to work from home and I ran across a company called MCA. This was the first time I had heard of Internet Marketing and I was very interested in learning more about it so I started to do some research. Everywhere I looked all I kept hearing about was Empower Network. Everyone one was talking about it. Talking about how you could make thousands a day just by blogging. And I fell for it hook, line, and sinker.

They have this sales video that they show you before you sign up. It tell you only $25 to get started. But what they "forget" to mention is for the $25 all you get is a blog and it is monthly. No training. No support. And did I mention that you have to PAY to get Paid. Thats right. It's $19 for an ewallet that you must have to receive payments.

Now in order to get support or training you must first be in their "Inner Circle". They REFUSE to help unless you are. This little UPGRADE will cost you $100 per month. After that they try to sell you on the Costa Rica training which is a one time $500 fee. Then the 15K formula for a one time fee of $1,000! And then The Costa Rica Master Series for a one time fee of $3,000!!!!

That is a grand total of drum roll please...$4,644 and thats $125 recurring.

Now, I know your thinking who in their right mind would pay this insane amount. Here's how they get you. They offer you 100% commissions BUT in order to receive these commissions you have to have purchased all of the upgrades. Also you DO NOT get every commission. A certain amount will pass you up and go to your "sponser". A word about sponsers the majority of them will not help you. Their job is to get you to go ALL IN. And the community they have in place is just as bad. They have facebook pages you can join but if you ask someone for help who is not your sponser, 9 times of ten they will either ignore you or tell you to go all in.

So the moral of this story? Stay away from Empower Network. They are just after your hard earned money. There is no Support. No real community and no future in it. Thank goodness as far as I went was the $100 inner circle and it was only for a month.

Be wary, save your money and your time and do not fall for this scam.

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vernard4u Premium
Damali, I to was about to sign up with EN but the payment was not processed. Then I tried again the next day, still not processed. So I did the review read Kyle s rip off report and immediately stop trying to sign up. I loved what kyle wrote about EN many people from EN could not paint a clear picture on how to make money without paying the huge amounts up front.

I wish someone would see what is there that's attracting so many of us towards there deceptive campaign. I would like to see all their recruits turned to an honest company. Its truly sad that so many have been fooled, and intimidated in signing up with EN. I hope we can find a solution to this. Well I know we have found the right opportunity here at WA. For me its my first week I've learned so much and the training continues. Thanks for your information its great that we all have so much in common love the baby pic she's a treasure. Do tell us more about her so we can see her grow as you grow with your success here at WA

Its WA all the way all day. Carl
izzysmommy Premium
Thanks Carl. I'm glad you didn't sign up. Your lucky your payment didn't go through. I wish I'd had such luck but I didn't find out until after I had already signed up. And maybe I will write a blog post about my daughter soon. She truly is a treasure. This is all for her.
skyhorse Premium
When I first signed up to EN the payment didn't go through. I had to call the bank and tell them I wanted the transaction approved because it was actually from the UK. I didn't think anything of it because online these days you don't know where your money is going so I was OK with that.

But the person who I signed up under did exactly what Damali said. No support no nothing. Didn't help me at all. I stayed in only about a month and got out. I thought about it over time and realized it is a pyramid scheme.

Then this spring I was still thinking I wanted to make money online. And I had a few friends that I added that were supposed to be big time earners in EN so I thought if I signed up under them then they would help me. Even though I believed it was a scam, I also knew that you aren't going to make money paying only $25 a month for your business. And I was ready to invest in myself to make it happen. Well while I was researching EN I found Kyles post about it being a pyramid scheme and found WA. Yay for EN!!! Without them I wouldnot have found WA!
jmixon Premium
Haha I understand! It's okay. I got a blog of my own coming now.
xcfastdude Premium
Ugh I hate EN lol. They bugged me so much to join and called me a "wussy" when I didn't. Thankfully I found Wealthy Affiliate :)
izzysmommy Premium
I hated that the most. Calling people wussies who refuse to fall for your scams. Please. But yeah Wealthy Affiliate is awesome.
Rick Jantz Premium
I wholeheartedly agree...stay away from EN. I was there, too, and never received training and I have suffered consequences. No where could I find what the product actually was and I never knew what it was I was to be selling. And I certainly agree there is little support. Call me a "wussy" (and I'm sure they did because of their foul language) but I got out.

There are many of us "ex-ENers" here at WA because we continued out search for a legitimate training site that would teach us properly. Congratulations to each of you.

There may be some here that are currently in EN or thinking about it and, I don't want to tell you what to do (although I'm sure you can tell which way I lean), all I ask is that you compare their hype to the solid foundation we're given here at WA.

As Forrest Gump would say, "That's about all I got to say about that."
jmixon Premium
Incredible blog. I was in Empowered Network as well, but only for a week before I realized what was really going on. I'm glad I didn't pay the full payment either. I was only at basic status ($25) + affiliate ($19.95) + gvo ($9.97). I had terminated my contract with them too including my GVO account (I got my refund back from them). After I realized it, I searched and searched and searched and stumbled on this website after reading a critical review by the Wealthy Affiliate co-owner Kyle himself. You made the very smart decision. I wish to say this exact blog too, but adjust it a little bit. May I have your permission to do that?
izzysmommy Premium
You may use the idea. But I think you may get into trouble for duplicate content unless you rewrite it completely. Thanks for the comment :)