10 Hot Niche Picks

Last Update: June 24, 2019

I wrote a blog post a few years back detailing the process I use to find popular niches online based on my interests. I've been doing my research lately and wanted to share with you 10 of the hottest niches I've found.

Each niche will cover a Google Trend Graph, Jaaxy suggested keywords, popular products currently being sold in that niche, and a little blurb by me on why it was selected for this list.

(PS. if you don't already have a Jaaxy account, go there and sign up for one now. It's one of the most powerful research tools online. Hell, I bought several domains while writing this post thanks to Jaaxy's suggestions.)

Feel free to run with any of the ideas listed below.


I do want you to read through them all, see what they have in common, and continue to do your own research. I'll include the criteria I used to decide whether or not the niche should make the list.

At the bottom of this blog post is a list to several resources. If nothing suits you here, use the resources below to find something that does interest you.

Niche Picking

Here are the four criteria I follow when picking a new niche...

  1. The niche has to be a topic that I can update often
  2. The niche has to be something that personally interests me
  3. The niche can be expanded to an authority style website
  4. There has to be a way to tie products into my posts.

Keep an eye on all four of these and how they can be applied to each of the niches below.

Let's jump right in.

1. Drones

Drones have been steadily creeping upwards the past few years and are slowly becoming more and more popular in mainstream communities. Drones range from small little RC helicopters for under $20 to the Phantom 4 Quadcopter which starts at $1,400. A website in this niche can cover a wide range of topics to drone reviews, building your own drone, drones for photography, and much more.

There tends to be a spike in popularity around Christmas time. I don't really see this one as a seasonal niche, but the boosts in searches could help bring in some next extra holiday income.

Jaaxy Keyword Ideas

Top Products on eBay

2. 3D Printers

The trend graph for 3D printers looks to have leveled off a bit, but interest is still near an all-time high. Prices are slowly coming down on these and the ability to 3D print at home is going to turn a few heads.

If I were to start a site here, I would focus entirely on home usage. This would likely be a little more niche than others on this list, but the cost for point of entry is still high enough to turn a decent profit. Plus the materials needed to print will always be in demand.

Jaaxy Keyword Ideas

Top Products on eBay

3. Matcha

I'll admit that I had no idea what Matcha was before I started this blog post, but it kept popping up during my research and that Google Trend graph certainly caught my eye. Matcha is a powdered version of green tea with a lot of health benefits.

As I read more about it, I went from never hearing about it to adding a few products to my Amazon cart to try. That alone should have your wheels turning. A site that introduces health-conscious consumers to matcha while explaining the benefits and offering opinions on flavors and brands could make quite a bit of money.

Jaaxy Keyword Ideas

Top Products on eBay

4. Nootropics

Nootropics, again, are a consumable product slowly trending upwards the past few years. They are typically described as supplements for the brain and are said to improve focus, cognition, and alertness.

This isn't an area that I myself am particularly interest in, but judging by that Trend graph, there are a lot of people who are. Like Matcha above, a site portraying the benefits and compares the different products would be my approach.

Jaaxy Keyword Ideas

Top Products on eBay

5. Adult Coloring Books

Man did these things take off or what? I remember seeing these books EVERYWHERE just after Christmas. A whole niche around coloring books would be tough to do, but your website could expand into a number of other art areas by using adult coloring books as an introduction point.

And before you get too worried, these are not X-rated coloring books but rather, coloring books aimed at adults.

Jaaxy Keyword Ideas

Top Products on eBay

6. 4K TVs

Televisions went through a bit of a Renaissance in the early 2000s. Every one was trading in their old clunky TV sets for sleek, thin, high-definition LCDs. The TV industry saw huge gains and continued to try to get consumers to upgrade again with gimmicky attempts in curved and 3D models. However, they may have struck gold yet again with new Ultra High-Def models.

I'm always drawn into the clear picture and superb quality of 4K displays in store. It won't be long until I own one myself. Unsurprisingly, there is always a huge spike in interest around Black Friday. A popular site in this niche could lend itself to a nice holiday bonus each year.

Jaaxy Keyword Ideas

Top Products on eBay

7. Tiny Homes

Okay, don't be fooled by the $28,000 houses for sale under the eBay listings with this one. I doubt very many people are ordering tiny houses online. With that said, there is a lot of interest here and the whole tiny house movement is growing.

My focus would be on selling products that fit inside of a tiny house. It would be easier to focus on people who already have a tiny house, or are thinking about downsizing. Tiny house plans continue to creep up a lot during my research.

Jaaxy Keyword Ideas

Top Products on eBay

8. Beard Oil

Here we have another trend spike in another consumable product. It's hard to go out and not see dudes sporting luxurious beards these days and beard oil apparently makes all of that possible.

It sounds like a ridiculous niche, but people are buying everything from beard oil to beard combs to beard decorations. A guy made over a million dollars selling rocks in a box. There have been more crazy niches.

Jaaxy Keyword Ideas

Top Products on eBay

9. Fitness Tracker

If you don't already have a Fitbit on your wrist, you at least know a dozen people who do. It certainly looks like a passing fad, but more products are released each day. Fitness trackers are currently surging. Fitness scales are increasing in popularity. It's only a matter of time before kitchen gadgets start arriving.

Healthy & Fitness as a niche has been around since the beginning of time and high-priced fancy gadgets will continue to help you build a solid income.

Jaaxy Keyword Ideas

Top Products on eBay

10. Mirrorless Cameras

Finally we have the niche that I myself may be pursuing in the near future. Mirrorless cameras are essentially high-quality DSLR cameras in compact bodies. I recently purchased my first and I already know it won't be my last. They're easy to use and take phenomenal pictures.

While interest has been slowly climbing, there is a lot of room in this niche to really build out a strong authority site. I would focus on one specific brand and follow their mirrorless camera release, news, updates, and lenses. I actually might go pick up a few of those Jaaxy domains right now...

Jaaxy Keyword Ideas

Top Products on eBay

Other Resources

Google Trends
Google Hot Trends - See what people are searching for right now.

eBays Product Viewer - A live feed of what's being bought right now at eBay
Amazon's Movers and Shakers - Incredibly useful product trends
Trend Hunter - Find hot niches you've never heard of here

One last thing, I want to give a shout out to Rebecca S and her training Show Me the Money…How to Quickly Identify Your Online Money Making Niche as I think it may be the most useful guide here at WA on how to find a niche.

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blessyou Premium
Hi Steve, thanks for the awesome information ...wonderful, powerful and very exciting !!!! As I was reading through the info I realized I have no clue what all the acronyms in the columns i.e. SEO and all that stand for ? can you help please ?

Thank you once again, and yes, I also had a look at Rebecca S' guide on how to find a niche at WA ...Impressive !!!!
Lady-B Premium
Hi Ivetriedthat,
I think I know what I want to build a niche around. All the hot niches products are interesting, but there are two I would like to try.
This post is great. Now I can do my research, buy, try and review two of the product that hold my interest.
Thank you
jessie3h Premium
Do we have to pay to use the Jaaxy tool? I went to the link and it said there is a "free trial". I'm a little disappointed that I keep finding that there ARE in fact additional expenses even though I am a premium member and was told that "everything" I need would be included.
TheNetwork16 Premium
Hello Jessie

Yes it's true, everything you need is included in your Premium Membership, you have " Keyword Tool" here at your left side, it's included in your Premium membership.

Check this link to know more about WA Keyword Tool: Wish you all the best :)
Veronica9907 Premium
Okay, I have to say that I was very intrigued reading your blog. While I find it very interesting I am also a little confused. I still have to finish my course I am on Lesson 5. But I am unsure on how to sell the products. I have a Niche for my first site and already have it up and running because it's something I enjoy doing regularly so it was an easy choice. But for my second Niche I wanted to do something similar to the examples that you listed, with 1 particular in mind. But I do not quite know to sell the products to earn a profit, or how to earn commission from promoting them. Any advice on the?
Once again, Thank you Steve for sharing and offering such a comprehensive, wealth of information, that is highly needed to understand, select and could be instrumental in taking a business to a higher level.
There are several products that interested me, and I could utilize them on my website. Health & Fitness will be the focus for my niche.