From $3,000 in Debt To $30,000+ in 3 Years! Cheers WA!

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Hey guys and gals, I hope you're having a great day.

I just wanted to share a short summary of my journey here at WA and tell you a bit about how this platform has changed my life like nothing so far.

See, I used to be just another sheep in the herd. And quite honestly, I was never fitting into this "system" at all.

I just couldn't understand the concept of working on a job until I'm 65 and then enjoying the rest of my life doing the things I wanted to do while I was 25, 35, or 45...

It seemed like a scam to me, and I was right! :)

Naturally, I wanted out and I realized that the only way to get out is to become an entrepreneur.

By the time I got this idea, I was working as a waiter and was not living the most healthy lifestyle. I used to drink, smoke, eat junk food, etc. Moreover, I was starting to accumulate debt too.

But I made a decision that I'll change that and I will become a successful entrepreneur.

One day, I bumped into WA by sheer accident and from the first moment I landed here a small voice inside my head told me

"This is your chance. Do not quit this opportunity or you'll regret it."

So I listened to this small voice in my head for the past three years, despite the fact that I wanted to quit so many times because things were not going the way I planned them.

But hey, when do they go exactly as planned?

In my experience, never! LOL

But I learned that, as long as you keep chugging forward toward your goals, dreams, and plans things will eventually fall into place.

That's what happened to me.

I had this crazy plan to quit my job, start my own online business, clear $3K in debt, move back to my home country (Croatia), and live my life the way I want to live it.

Three years ago, this plan looked crazy and people were laughing at me for talking about it out loud.

Well, the joke is on them now.

Today, I'm exactly where I imagined three years ago.

I'm writing this post from my home in Croatia. I run my own online business, I'm not in debt anymore, I earn a steady passive income online, and I'm working on increasing it all the time.

Moreover, my plans have been upgraded as well.

I learned that whatever you wish for, you can have it as long as you're willing to pay the price.

And there's always a price. If you think that you can get things in life without having to pay the price, whatever it may be, you're living in delusion.

So my message here is simple and clear.

If you want something, whether it is a small side hustle, an online business, part-time income, full-time income, debt-free life, more time for your family, more time for yourself, whatever it is, you can have it.

Wealthy Affiliate is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to realize all your goals, plans, and dreams.

All you have to do is take action as you've never taken before, pay the price, and you can have whatever you want.

And if you quit before you arrive at your destination, well, you'll never arrive...

See, during the last three years, I wanted to quit at least a dozen times. There were times that I just couldn't see the positive outcome, which is something we all go through.

But that little voice in my head always seemed to pop up in the darkest times to push me forward.

I knew this platform holds the key to a better future and I was prepared to earn it.

And when you're ready to burn all the bridges and stick to your plans no matter what, you will have it!

So if you're willing to give WA all you've got, and are prepared to stick to the process and trust it for as long as you have, you too can achieve your goals!

And I sincerely wish you to achieve even more than you've planned. :)

Thanks for sticking with me today.

Your friend,

Ivan :)

PS: WA has got all the best training (a proven blueprint), all the best tools, support, coaching, and more! If you're looking to create a full-time income online, make sure to take action with Premium and upgrade today!

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Nic to hear that Ivan, this is a great motivation for us in Wealthy Affiliate Community!

Thanks for this...I've been floundering the last 6 months here. I have just recently started to get myself back in the game. I do want to be a success with this and came to the realization that no one is going to do it for me.

This post was a real kick in the pants for me. Thanks.

I wish you the best!!


I've been in your shoes, Bob. You're the only one responsible for your success. I'm 100% sure that you will make it happen!

Thanks for your comment and best of luck :)

I truly believe in the next year I will forsure be where I I already told.3 people. The only tuff thing is gettiing the website down. I know its going to pay off. I only have a phone but I plan.on gettinf at least a laptop. Soon

Yes! You will get exactly where you want to be! Don't let any obstacles stand in your way and keep moving forward! Best of luck :)

Thanks Ivan I needed that. I'm having the same thoughts. And it's frustrating because I've always been a hard worker and never gave up.

Yiu0re welcome :)

Hi Ivan this is a very encouraging post. I promised myself that I will do this until I succeed at this online business.

Each time I read a post by those who walked this path before me and made it I am really encouraged.

So thank you for sharing your story.

Candy Benn

You're welcome, Candy Been :) I'm glad to hear my experience inspired you. Best of luck with your own business and never stop moving forward!


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