9,000 Referrals Came Through My Links.WoW!

Last Update: December 15, 2021

Hey guys and gals! I hope you're having a great day!

I just wanted to share something amazing with you guys, just to show you that if you put in a lot of work and effort into it, it must produce results.

Since I started my Bootcamp site, I have managed to help 9,000 people to find their way to WA.

In other words, 9,000 people have said yes to my recommendation and decided to check out the program, community, and all the great perks of WA.

I remember when I was starting out the Bootcamp site, there was a discussion where Kyle asked us what it is that we want to be great at...

My answer was, I want to be great at helping people to find their way to WA.

And after a lot of time and effort invested into following his instructions from the Bootcamp training, I believe I can say, mission accomplished!

Now, this is not the end of the road, of course. It is just the beginning.

But I wanted to share a bit of motivation with you guys in case you are just getting started and need some inspiration.

WA works!

Whether you are working on your own niche site or Bootcamp site, set your goals, decide what it is that you want to accomplish, create a schedule to work on your site every day, get in the zone, and don't let the pedal off the metal!

It may take some time to get results, but don't worry. Even Rome wasn't built in a day!

The first few months are the hardest. However, once Google starts indexing your site at a faster rate, you will start getting traffic, and then, it is a downhill ride from there :)

You've got everything you need to make it happen right here at WA!

You have access to the best training, tools, and a super-helpful community. Those are three key ingredients for success.

So keep working! Keep hustling! And best of luck!

Your friend,

Ivan :)

PS: If you're on the fence about Wealthy Affiliate Premium membership, here's a little push on the right side! Upgrade today and start working on your site like there's no tomorrow. Your future self will thank you for it ;)

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    ActionJacks Premium
    Wow that's amazing, I never really wanted to do the WA affiliate route because I wanted my own niche. However lately I have become more and more interested in doing a local entrepreneur coaching thing for people in my local area. Then it hit me, every entrepreneur needs a website, when I start my entrepreneur coaching it makes perfect sense to have WA affiliate options!
    IvanBroz Premium Plus
    Sounds great! Best of luck! 😀
    CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
    A very good idea, Jeremy.

    Ngangadu Premium
    I was doing some research on the internet and came across your website and I was like, oh this is another WA friend here :). I was amazed at the loads of quality content that you have. It's no mistake you achieving such numbers.
    Great motivation for members!

    and congratulations Ivan for such a success
    IvanBroz Premium Plus
    I'm happy to hear that. Thanks for your visit on my site and best of luck with your own business :)
    JohnJStanley Premium Plus
    That's great Ivan, thank you for sharing.
    9,000 is a huge number well done!
    Also our key responsibility is to help referrals as much as we can to build their own successful online business. Of course everyone needs to put in their own work - but we can guide, help and mentor people.
    IvanBroz Premium Plus
    That's true! :)
    EdwinBernard Premium Plus
    You spoke to my heart and mind Ivan. I made a serious mistake.

    Even though my goal is similar to yours, I paused Bootcamp at the video lesson because my laptop is not good enough for making videos.

    Recently I realized by watching the Premium Plus webinars, I can use my much more capable iPhone.

    Hence I’m resuming Bootcamp to complete it in short order. Then I’ll be repeating it while creating much more content, linking my videos to my blog posts.

    I know I’ll succeed. Thanks for this booster shot Ivan.

    IvanBroz Premium Plus
    Keep moving forward, Edwin! And wishing you much success as well :)
    1Rudy1 Premium
    This is a great message, Ivan. Especially the part about your answer to the question, what do you want to be great at.

    That statement, that you wanted to be great at getting people to find their way to WA, is exactly what I want, as well.

    I had never put that into words before. This provides new meaning about promoting WA (to me).

    IvanBroz Premium Plus
    Glad to hear that, Rudy. You can achieve the same, if not even better. Just take action, and never give up on your goals!
    1Rudy1 Premium
    Thanks, Ivan!