Running Start (Pardon the Pun)

Last Update: July 18, 2014

My first impressions of Wealthy Affiliate are excellent. It is great to see everyone really doing their best to try and help each other. I also have to be transparent and state that I am not a beginner when it comes to building web sites and blogging. I have a blog on my coaching site called IronGoof (, however, I have never tried to monetize a blog before, which is why I have decided to start from scratch and follow the training.

I have decided to build a niche site on building running endurance. Being that I am a certified run and triathlon coach it is my passion so I feel like it may be easy to create content. Not to mention I have a lot of it I can already choose from, so I guess I have a little bit of a head start.

My site is called Learn to Run Far ( and it will be dedicated to giving advice to runners that want to take their running to the next distance. Not necessarily, speed, but the next distance.

My plan is to add content and then use Amazon and other connections I have to monetize the site with affilitate links to shoes, gear. appearal and so forth.

I would really appreciate any advice you can give. I am on lesson 2 of module 2, so I have my framework built out and I have one post. I am working on putting some other content up this weekend.

Please feel free to take a look and be honest. If you would like me to do the same for you, I would be very happy to give my opinions as well.

A huge "Thank You" to all of you whom have commented and shared with me in this last week. I really appreciate all of the encouragement. I wish everyone on WA all the health, happiness, and success the universe can offer.

Carpe Vitam! (Seize Life!)

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I left you a comment on your site and all social ones all the best
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Go for the finish! Loved your blogg today!