I got the Dedication badge for being premium for 6 months!

Last Update: November 05, 2017

Time is really flying by! I had to slow down my posting due to my physiotherapy and also my nutrition course is keeping me busy (it will be the basis of my next website!).

I am very excited for my future and very grateful that I found the WA program and this whole community, because I learn a lot from group chat and from all the wonderful tutorials!

For all the new folks, time does move quickly and before you know it you will have a lucrative business that is all yours!

For all the folks who came before me, a big thank you for paving the way for those who come behind you...I can only hope that I can be as helpful to others!

Best wishes to everyone for awesome success with your education!

Irma :)

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ValerieJoy Premium
Congratulations on your Dedication badge :)
VeronicasLuv Premium
It seems as if you have really taken the plunge, Irma!
MKearns Premium
Shwni Premium
That's great!! I'm a few days from getting that myself and I'm loving every minute of it, best of luck with everything :)