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Last Update: February 09, 2016

Yesterday night I was terrified and traumatized. While I was working on one of my sites, suddenly my site disappeared. All my efforts to login to the site failed. Even as an outsider I could not access my site. The response was that ‘This webpage is not available’.

I was frustrated what to do. The frustration was more because I made many inclusions and changes in the site in the last seven days and my backup was 10 days old (A sheer negligence nobody can afford).

It took me about half an hour trying and rationalizing what to do now. In this mental melee I totally forgot that there is something like ‘support ticket’ where our fiends and saviors are ready to help us. Not sure about the response I was going to get, I sent a message to the support team.

The unbelievable thing happened. It was truly beyond my expectation. I sent message at 10.35 PM local time and I got response from the support team at 11.19 PM that I should look for my site. Within hardly 45 minutes, the matter was resolved, I was communicated, my site was up and I was happy.

I feel proud of our friends at support team at WA. This is enough reason to shout out and reinforce our faith and confidence on Wealthy Affiliate.

My best wishes to everyone at WA.

Here is the copy my conversation with support team.

" To Support Tickets

This webpage is not available

By Inspiration1 Premium on Tuesday February 09, 2016 10:35 PM

When I try to login to my site I get the following message:
This webpage is not available

Kindly guide me.

Hosting Ticket Response


X <>

11:19 PM (7 hours ago)

to me

Hi Swadeshkumar,

We have responded to a ticket that you submitted on 2016-02-09 17:05:11 for domain ---------------------------. Your original ticket message was:

When I try to login to my site I get the following message: This webpage is not available ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED Kindly guide me. Inspiration1

We have responded to this message and details can be found on your WA Hosting ticket page here:

Please login to view the responded message.


Kyle & Carson
Wealthy Affiliate University"

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egonsarv Premium
It just happened to my site. This website is not available. ERR Connection timed out.
Jozeph Premium
I got a fright when I first began reading Swadish, then happily I read it was resolved :)
Great news, and thanks for sharing :)
Have a good one
OldMCSEGuy Premium
You can't say they follow industry standard procedures but what they do, they do well. I like them a lot.
mama2karsten Premium
You are correct! They are the best! I understand that since they have updated the platform, they back-up daily. It is still good to back-up your own site, as well, just in case. Cannot ever have too many back-up. I am glad they were able to take care of you. :)
Inspiration1 Premium
Thanks for your comments. Yes, we must take backups regularly.