My New Goal = Make MORE Mistakes?

Last Update: November 16, 2012
I've recently set a goal to allow myself an opportunity to make at least one potential mistake every week - or every day if I can think of a potential mistake to make.

Having figured out a way to overcome my fear of failure, I decided that it was time to experience a little more variety in life by trying out new things. This is the last remnants of my perfectionist mentality, in which I prevented myself from venturing out and taking action (without a ton of research first), In case I made a mistake.

When it comes to expanding comfort zones, I don't believe that you ever truly eliminate the uncomfortable feeling associated with the first step into the unknown. Otherwise everything in life would be comfortable, and that's obviously not the case!

So without babbling on further, the first potential mistake I'm going to make is to post up links to my website articles for constructive criticism. This is something I've always put off doing, for fear of finding out what people truly think; however, I understand that it's essential for growth.

So the first article is

It would be great if i can get some feedback on the articles i post here.
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choppydo Premium
Man you suck. I don`t even have to try! LOL
Labman Premium
Hey Dave. Like your take on the tortoise and the hare. I'm betting you are not a native english speaker. You have done well with most of it. But you want to do the math not do the maths.
Small manageable changes are the way to go. This applies in many areas. When training dogs, we break each new task down into small things and reward the pieces. For example lets say you want to teach your dog to get a beer out of the fridge.(Ok a Green Tea). You need to teach him to go to the fridge, open the door, get the item,leave the other items alone, close the door, come to you, give you the item, Go to the drawer, get the opener, etc.

Small incremental steps. Teach them separately then chain them together into a complete behavior.
Insight Premium
Hi Labman, thanks for the feedback. I'm from the UK (so yes i'm a native English speaker.) :-P

I use speech to text software, so occasionally mistakes are made. Was my grammar really that bad? :-\
Labman Premium
not all that bad, my only issue was that you used the word "maths" where you should have used "math". This is a typical mistake that is made by non-native speakers. This is why I thought it was not your native language.