WA Super Affiliate Program - View the 2010 WA Conference Summary Here

Becoming a WA Super Affiliate : January 1, 2010

Each year we present a challenge to all WA Affiliates, and this year we are offering yet another golden opportunity for those who achieve a certain number of referrals of people to Wealthy Affiliate!

For those of you that participated in our incentive program last year (or just promoted us in general), we would like to thank you. We paid out $100,000’s in commissions, and 2010 commissions are on schedule to blow last years affiliate earnings out of the water! The aggressive recurring commissions structure that we offer to members who refer others to the WA Community is unparalleled, but we offer something even more each year to our top affiliates.

This year we are offering another trip to Las Vegas. We are making the trip easier and more exciting than ever this year and if you start promoting Wealthy Affiliate (or any of our products), you can expect the trip of a lifetime….on US.

The Bullet-Proof Incentive: Jan 1 - Dec 31, 2010

We are offering a performance based incentive program for anyone who wants to become a dedicated affiliate of any of our products/services.  We are going to be offering:

  1. A trip to LAS VEGAS (including 3 nights hotel & Flight)
  2. A 2-day exclusive conference with Kyle & Carson (and the fellow members) to discuss Internet Marketing and go over your own business development
  3. 2 Days Full of Fun, Learning, and us Treating You to the TIME OF YOUR LIFE!

If you can accomplish any of the following by December 31st, 2010, you should pack your bags because you are coming with us to Las Vegas in 2011!

Action Your Commissions
Obtain 300 Wealthy Affiliate Referrals $36,000 (based on an average 6 month membership)
Obtain 300 Who Loves Money Sales $12,600
Obtain 300 Beating Adwords Sales $9,150
Obtain 350 Inside The List Sales ($49.95 Price) $6,780
Obtain 350 Combined (WA, WLM, BA, ITL) $10,000+ (Varies)

This program was released with approximately 365 days left in 2010 to achieve these results.  That is less than ONE Wealthy Affiliate Referral per day which is completely achievable.

We Want You to Succeed

We will help out anyone that is interested in promoting any of our programs.  We have been promoting them since the Wealthy Affiliate inception and we always have new ideas and ways to promote these sorts of products.

This year we have some help with regards to the WA Super Affiliate program! We've asked one of our top affiliates, Marcus, to help take members who participate in promoting Wealthy Affiliate. Marcus will be available to personally help you achieve 300 referrals this year so that you can join us in Vegas and really take your Internet marketing "Game" to a new level.

Already, we have BIG plans for the WA Super Affiliate program this year, and we will be continually adding to our Affiliate resources. If referring members to Wealthy Affiliate is a new concept for you, take a look at our "Getting Started" page and learn how you are just a few steps away from your first referral!

Notes: The value associated with this trip is a maximum of $1,200 USD (plus some exciting bonuses when you get there). We have done the research, and most flight/hotel packages from various places in the world will be approx this amount. If for any reason you live in an area where your flight and hotel cost more than $1,200, you will be required to pay the difference.