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Psychological research,herbology efficacy ,medical insurance underwriting and management backgrounds are professions or passions in the last 20+ years..Loved being a Special Forces A-team medic that applied skilled medical knowledge gained from 20 M.O.S. courses..I was the 2nd. generation of family as a goverment intilligence agent in countries..I have psychological warfare and tradecraft backgrounds from years of service. .........................Skill sets using subliminal psychology that have accepted concepts that can be thoughtfully applied to change ~ effects of our paradigms filtered reality on self-efficacy concept ~ that greatly effects receptivity of skilled content in our websites....Subliminal messaging can be utilized by insightful affiliates to increase client bases.....Presentations clarity can be more effective on our websites if we understand just the basics in the concepts of ~ cognitive filters ,and minimal analyzation ~ as the controls of most input to the unconscious mind in theory............................................ TIA, for the wanted input from the community and valued sharing of observations. charles
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caylynn Premium
Here to follow your comment from my profile page. Our combined knowledge represents 50 years in the medical field. Physiological psychology aka neuroscience today has been my field of study in various applications.
The acronym TIA medically speaking many know, only a few know your skills.
Will follow your progress and know you will ask when the need arises. Looking forward to sharing our success in the WA community. Your potential is huge for the common good. ^_~2305/6/13
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Welcome and thanks for following me back. If I can help with anything, feel free to ask.
Hi !
Welcome to WA and thanks for the follow ˘◡˘
I'm also pretty new here but looks like a great place to be at !
Wishing you well,
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Hey, many thanks for the follow!
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Hi There and Welcome to WA!

As you are just new to the community I'd like to take this opportunity to say hello and let you know that I am here to help you get started.

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Will my unsusal backgrounds help others and myself specifically ?
Carson Premium
If you choose a niche that is related to your background, then absolutely the experience will help. That said, you have the ability to choose any niche that you wish!