One small step at a time

Last Update: Sep 6, 2016


If you have read my earlier post, you would know that I am currently re-visiting the Bootcamp training. Okay, I really have to say that I have no idea why I stopped the Bootcamp! It's really great and I have had tons of ideas just by going through the Bootcamp. I was stuck on getting inspiration and idea for my website but Bootcamp saved me.

So, I'm currently working on my niche website. Which means that I'm super busy with research for contents, drafting my post, learning new things about Wordpress like how to do an image widget (I have no idea what widget is up to now!), there's also the re-writing and editing of posts, adding fonts, etc. Okay, the list just goes on and on.

I'm also doing the Bootcamp. Going through each lesson with extreme excitement! Ideas just keep on flowing and I keep on making a list of things that popped up. Aside from that I'm also going back to the Certification courses because there are things that I've forgotten about. And like everyone else, I read posts from others at WA and make new friends. My kids are also back in school. Luckily the first week is only orientation but hubby and I was busy with the registration, textbooks, uniforms, etc.

Okay, so the point is I'm so overwhelmed with everything right now. But one thing that I have learnt from my previous job in Project Management doing Level 3 Schedule is that you need to take one small step at a time. There are many things that you can do concurrently but it won't help if you're distracted.

Make a list. Break down the list (categorisation). I have a list on things and/or ideas for my niche website. I have a list on things I need to look into for the Bootcamp. I have a list of to do things that I need to learn more. There's also a list of things I'm confused about and require clarification. As you go along the list, you'll start to tick it off one by one.

Focus. Without focus, you can't get anything done. Which is why we're back at take one small step at a time. One small step, one small task, one small post or one small research at a time will enable you to focus. Focus is all you need to complete one small task. I made a mistake at the beginning of the Certification Course whereby I went for a crash course instead of doing one course at a time. By the time I finished all the courses, I have to re-start. So, I did - restart. I did one course at a time and the result is better.

Start slow and you'll progress better. Do things at your own pace. Sometimes you feel as though you're so behind schedule but if there's one thing I learnt from all my mistakes is that you'll catch up better when you start right. So, just take one step at a time and you'll get there eventually.

Just sharing my one cent thought for today! :)

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Hi dear. To keep you going, I've prepared a Dose of Encouragement specially for you and for all my other loved ones. Here it is: Hope you will appreciate it.
Have a nice day.
Best Regards

Thank you so much. I do really appreciate your kind thought! :)

You are welcome my dear friend.

we cant go back and change time. but it is what we do learn to change our direction. wise choice mom. children come with no instructions , we learn to be parents as we go. God gave and trusted each one of us as to be parents to that child (soul). we only have them a while. because we all are children of God

Thank you for taking the time to read my post. That's very nice of you. It must be really exciting for you to be a grandmom to 4 grandchild! My mom was always so excited whenever any of her children get pregnant. She says that at her age now, having grandchild is the highlight of her day. She loves pampering them! LOL. I wish you all the best!

Great advice!

Thank you for taking the time to read. Being so overwhelmed can sometimes distract us. So I thought of sharing in case it will help someone. :)

Thanks for a wonderful informative blog Indapermai.

Thank you for reading it. I just thought of sharing it in case it could help someone even in small ways. :)

Step by step you will get there :)

Thank you for taking the time to read. I hope so :)

Hi Indahpermai, Right each small step is always than no step at all. Once you top too long you lost momentum. The inertia to start can be difficult. [kelsey]

Thanks for reading. I hope I don't get there. I did stop for a while back when I was still working and couldn't cope with everything else. So when I had to start WA again... it was really difficult. But it gets better as I move along the right path. So, great advice to keep the momentum.

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