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Last Update: February 03, 2019

Cut out the Middle Man!

You can use the search bar, in fact, it is even better than waiting for someone else to use it for you and produce the same results and then share them with you. I am not sure if many are not aware of this or just like getting folks to get there answers for them, either way you are doing yourself a disservice by not using all the tools afforded to you by WA.

The search bar is all you really need. If this person had typed "Transfer Existing Domains," into that very bar instead of asking the community they would have received and answer immediately. It works like a charm.

Don't Get Me Wrong...

I am in no way saying that anyone is doing something wrong by asking the community and I don't mean to be picking on this person. I love answering when I can like most others here. I love the fact that I can ask anything and will at least get some kind of response but when I discovered the flexibility of putting those same questions in the search bar, I was amazed at how there literally is an article or multiple articles, sometimes even training in most cases about any subject. Not only that I get my answers immediately.

Sometimes it Doesn't Have the Answer

This can be true although I have found not very often. Yes, sometimes you cannot find the answer you want in the search bar and then you have the community and especially support to help you out. I must admit I have asked some pretty stupid questions in the past of these two latter resources and I almost feel embarrassed for wasting their time but I know we all understand and so all I do is try to help the next person if I can.

This community and support is second to none. I know that sounds cliche but like most other barriers in the online world, WA breaks this one as well. Nowhere on God's green earth or even His Virtual World is there better help and support. So use it but know that you have the ability within yourself to research what you need to find out on your own. For some reason when I do that, the information seems to stick a little better.

Can you Dig It?

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Babou3 Premium
It's true that we have so many good tools
to help ourselves.

Thanks for your nice post.
imthedamo Premium
Thanks, Ingrid.
NickyL Premium
Definitely agree this is a great tool, I will say though that I have come across quite a lot of stuff that’s outdated. That’s usually when I post and ask for help and generally someone comes to my rescue with a great post that I couldn’t find using the search bar. Awesome community 👍🏻
TimMartin1 Premium
Using the search bar is something I recently started doing to be honest. I started to ask a question in the chat to receive help and ended up using the search bar instead.

It most definitely comes in handy, especially when you want a solution in a timely manner.

This post serves as a reminder to me and most likely so many others which is why I appreciate this so much.

Thanks for sharing.

- Tim
JeannineC Premium
I was just thinking the same thing this morning as I perused my WA inbox to see the same post titles over and over again.

But don't ever feel embarrassed about asking a question, even if it has been asked a million times before. When you are the one going through it, you feel like you are all alone and this has never happened to anyone before. I just like to research like crazy before asking a question, as I'd rather answer it myself, But not everyone operates the way I do. Luckily there's room enough here at WA for everyone!
imthedamo Premium
Yea I know this community is incredible when it comes to support. Thanks for the reply.
MarionBlack Premium
One more thing, Damo. When you ask a question through the search box you can add images/screenshots to the question. This feature is not available when using the pen icon to ask a question.
imthedamo Premium
Good points, thanks.