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Last Update: August 24, 2018

I will start with the big reveal... wait for it... Hard Work! You see there are no secrets but there are some insights. I am a firm believer that if you just started doing anything but you worked your bum off at it, you would eventually evolve into a success no matter what you attempt. However, the following paragraphs contain a synopsis of multiple perspectives written in the top five articles while Googling "Affiliate Marketing Secrets. " Mixed in with a little Bootcamp and Wealthy Affiliate member experience shows that common tools and sense coupled with an uncommon work ethic will get you where you want to go in affiliate marketing.

Knowledge is Power

My domain is "The Educated Affiliate." I did not arrive at that title because it was catchy or Google friendly, I did because of the years of failure I have experienced due to a lack of knowledge about this industry. Unfortunately, most knowledge or at least the best type of knowledge is usually gained through failure so it is an irony that few seem to grasp but those that do swear by it. When I was finally exposed to Wealthy Affiliate, I knew it was not necessarily all the knowledge I would ever need but it was the most important knowledge and that is it was and will always be my foundation of knowledge from which I can build my library of resources, tools, and experience in affiliate marketing.

Write, Write and oh did I Mention you must Write

There is no substitute for this step in the process. Everything revolves around writing articles, descriptions, even narration for your videos. Your keywords have to be written, and your message either has to be written even if your end product is to speak it into a microphone. Writing does more than just convey information, however. It is a source of developing authority for your blog and your eventual rankings. If you wrote an article for a specific keyword on your blog and the Huffington Post wrote pretty much the same article for the same keyword, whose do you think would rank better. This type of authority only comes with a massive and consistent literary effort on your part. An effort that seems like it is going to pay off until it does and then everyone calls it a secret. See Littlemama's effort here and you will know what I am talking about,

Build that List with a Loyal Following

An email list will be like gold if you build it organically, ethically and treat it like you would your own children. Ironically numbers and time mean everything and nothing in this game. If you have 10,000 spammed users on your list in just a matter of weeks it would be worth less than even 10 true subscribed followers of your information that took you 6 months to build. However, if you take the precious time to build a list of thousands of true followers over the years, you will be able to help so many people with good and ethical knowledge and produce a sweet income you can rely on for as long as you wish. Don't be in a rush, instead be in a state of service. Realize every email you send out bears your reputation much the same way you teach and raise your own.

Only Promote that which you use

I am speaking mainly of tools and subscriptions. If you are not using a software tool, membership or method in your business and having success, why would you promote it to someone else? Wealthy Affiliate is a perfect example, you will never sell a premium subscription if you are not a premium member. There are plenty of valuable products that will help build your business and 99% of them have affiliate programs attached to them, so promoting every shiny new product that comes your way is both unethical and not productive if you want to build your authority. In the case of physical products that have a proven record (such as much of what is found on Amazon, etc.) of course, you don't have to use them to promote them. Make sure, however, that track record is there for you to be comfortable that you are promoting something you can get behind and not just for the next commission. I actually take it to the next level. All of my sites simply promote one product each and that is it. It keeps me focused, it is much easier for the reader to understand what the site is all about and all my information is free so they can see all of the supporting documentation as to why I use and promote a specific product. It actually makes my life less complicated as it pertains to my content.

Diversify Promotional Methods

The great thing about the Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp is that it shows you multiple methods for promoting and developing your affiliate marketing skills. From content marketing to PPC and social media, a well-rounded marketing approach is much like a diversified investment portfolio. You certainly cannot put all of your eggs in one basket even though you will most likely have a propensity for one over the other. At the very least become proficient in every possible way you can promote your product and execute it to the best of your abilities.

Back to the Beginning... Work Hard

If you take all that has been given to you in this amazing membership and work as hard as you can at every aspect. There is no way in the world you cannot succeed to some degree. As we know success breeds success so at that point it will only be a matter of time as to how much you scale and how large you grow. For the most part, anyone actively working at this membership really only needs a glimmer of daylight to propel them into superhuman enthusiasm and begin to take off. So as they say in another membership I am very fond of, don't quit five minutes before the miracle happens.

Can you dig it?

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