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Last Update: November 25, 2016


Nothing could be more worrying and annoying than a decayed teeth coupled with a bad breath. There is always that joy of having a strong and healthy tooth; you will always be full of smiles. There is always every good reason to keep your family’s’ teeth and gums in a perfect conditions, especially the ability to chew good food and avoiding gum diseases. A recent study has shown that gum infections could also have risk of affecting other parts of the body – like the heart.

The adults of this generation grows to their old age with their older teeth still intact, compare to past generations whom tends to lose their entire dentition as they age. This can be an attribute to the advancements in technology, and discoveries of formulas added to our toothpastes. In other to maintain this trend, I think we would need to consider to following tips.

  • 1.HEALTHY INTAKE OF DIET: Eating a healthy and balanced diet is not just important to your overall body but to your teeth as well. Frequent intake of sugary foods and substance invites bacteria to form an acidic environment on the surface of your teeth. Some non-ingested food particle clings to the biting surface of the teeth and remains there until they are brushed-off. Therefore, we should minimize the intake of sugary food by maintaining a balanced diet.
  • 2.REGULAR BRUSHING OF THE TEETH: The ability to remove plague completely from our teeth depends on the technique than the brushing itself. Toothbrush, are meant to remove plagues and debris from the surface of the teeth and gum. They also help to stimulate the gum in other to keep it sound and healthy. There are various kinds of toothbrush, it solely depends on you to know, which type will likely remove plague for you? Not all brushes are right for all persons. You have to select a brush that with which you are comfortable. Brushes that are flexible, lightweight, strong but does not have too hard bristles that will easily be manipulated and meet individual needs.
  • 3.REGULAR FLOSSING: It is recommended my dental professionals that we should brush our teeth twice a day. Most people have always adhered to this, but few have sticked to this recommendation.
  • 4.RINSING AND CHEWING OF GUM AFTER A MEAL: In addition to brushing and flossing, using an antibacterial solutions to rinse the mouth could also go a long way to protecting the teeth against decay and gum problems. Taking sugar free and menthol enriched chewing gum after every meal will help protect the teeth and gum by increasing the the circulation of saliva flow that naturally washes away bacteria and neutralizes acidic formations.
  • 5.USE SMOKELESS TOBACCO OR QUIT SMOKING ENTIRELY: Tobacco stains on the teeth can totally increase the risk of gum diseases and mouth cancer. If you are smoking or chewing tobacco, it is of your best interest to quit and advise your kids not to even start.
  • 6.GIVE THE KIDS AN EARLY START: Irrespective of the great amount of time and effort been invested in the area of tooth decay prevention, one in every five young children develops signs of tooth decay. Dental care should start early for kids. It should start around six months, that is when the first teeth begins to appear. Kids teeth can be wiped with a clean damp cloth or a very soft brush. There are several new milk teeth brushes available in the market today. At the age of two, you can allow your children try brushing for themselves, but it is very necessary to supervise them.
  • 7.GO FOR REGULAR CHECK-UPS: It is highly recommended to go for dental check-ups every six months. During a routine check-up, your dentist will always remove plagues that have built up, which toothbrush alone cannot remove and will look up for signs of tooth decay. It is of a high importance to schedule an appointment with your dental care provider.

Maintaining the teeth can really be a tedious task due to the amount of sugary foods in the market today. Nevertheless, by keeping to these few tips, you and your family will surely be free from tooth decay and have healthy teeth.

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JeffDolson Premium
Thanks for sharing
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This has been an on-going practice in my home for years, now that the children are all going out on their own, they still keep up with the above mentioned. Thanks for the share!
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Great information. Thank you for sharing!
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you're welcome viyee
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We have regular brushing and cleaning lessons at our dentist, but this will probably not a worldwide phenomenon
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Good to hear that.