My Search Engine Tris!

Last Update: June 15, 2019

Hello, dear WA friends!

Wow! "Finally a full hit!"
The Search Engine Tris!

One of my blog posts reached TRIS!

  1. Google #1
  2. Bing #1
  3. Yahoo #1

Is that not awesome?

I feel thrilled! It took me almost a year to achieve such results! I have already achieved on Bing and Yahoo #1 and on Google the second page but never Google #1 with one of my blogs posts! However, my writing efforts are starting to pay off now!

In fact, I was first positively shocked! I was thinking: "Do I see properly? Or, is it something wrong with the stats?" But, after checking couple of times the Jaaxy Site Rank and the SE listings, the results were there.

Check below my proove about the Jaaxy Site Rank results!


Google result:

    Yahoo result:
    (Please note that the keyword: "defining the niche archives" which I didn't create, was ranked on #3. Today, on #2!)

    Bing result:

    So, in a nutshell, I hope that the stats are fine!

    What did I do to achieve such rankings?

    In fact, I did the same procedure as with other blog posts as well:

    1. Wrote the article within the Site Content Platform
    2. Added some photos within the Site Content Platform
    3. Published the article through Site Content Platform
    4. Edited the article within the WordPress editor (my site is hosted by WA)
    5. Added some additional graphics and featured image through the WP editor
    6. Re-published the blog post through WP editor
    7. Requested indexing in GSC
    8. Asked Bing to index the blog post as well
    9. Nothing else

    I hope you enjoyed the post. It is a small step on the "Getting #1 results on Google" but an important one. The next step would be to track the visitors stats for the specific keyword of the article.

    Finally, using this experience as an example for further writings!

    Thanks a lot for your attention!

    Best regards,

    If you liked the post, please leave a comment below and I would be very glad to open the discussion.

    If you need any assistance or would like to ask me anything related to SEO or SE rankings, please don't hesitate to contact me. I would be more than happy to help you out!

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    Scwebu Premium
    Vickic3 Premium
    That is so great Igor
    All your ducks lined up :)
    Well done
    Igor13 Premium
    Thanks a lot Vicki!
    Vickic3 Premium
    You are welcome Igor- It is always great to read this type of post
    NewLaurie Premium
    Igor - as SteveMand has pointed out, you have really misinterpreted these results.
    Igor13 Premium
    Hi Laurie!

    As you could see I interpreted what I received from Jaaxy and my searches. As I said many times already, I am not focused only on success but more on the creation of the posts and indexation.

    If one of the posts gets similar results as shown, then probably one of the others will as well, with a better and easier keyword.

    I am aware that the keyword would not be popular and not many people, or maybe not at all, will search for it, but it is still a keyword and a post that is indexed. Perhaps any other keyword will do much better.
    kpercival55 Premium
    That’s awesome Igor!
    Congratulations on winning the triple crown!
    Igor13 Premium
    Thanks KyleAnn!
    Igor13 Premium
    Hi Steve!

    Yes, you are right about the keywords! However, I have tried to search with a shorter phrase and got a great result.

    I am aware that the keyword phrase is too long. However, when I received the notification through the WA system about the indexing and checked in Jaaxy, I was glad to see the results.

    Besides, when I search in Jaaxy the same keyword without dashes, it gives me the same results. Also, there are also similar long keywords ranked high!

    The point is that if you are ranked high with such long-tail keywords (which I picked from Jaaxy as well) the chances are that your blog post would be found also with the shorter version of it.

    However, I am glad about the outcome.

    Thanks a lot for your comment, I appreciate it!

    Igor13 Premium
    You can try to search under any of the combinations out of the phrase. I want to point that I was glad to see the phrase ranked as jaaxy showed up. That is all. The success of the keyword is something else.

    For example, the other keyword (which I didn't create and was derivated from the post itself was ranked on #3 and #2 - mistakes to avoid archives - derivated from mistakes to avoid).

    The next point is that many other similar long keywords from other authors were ranked well as well.

    Further, when I conduct searches on lap top and on smartphone on a specific keyowrd or keyowrds phrase, I receive different results, same when searching on different days.

    My conclusion is that regardless the quality of the keyword if ranked well at a certain point tells me that you have the chance to rank well also with another keyword.

    Within the whole picture of rankings, searches, keywords etc. any success is valuable regardless of the size, importance etc.

    It motivates and gives a great feedback about other factors!

    Igor13 Premium
    Steve, I appreciate your help.

    You will not discourage me with your comment. Every constructive critic is welcome! I went through lessons and I noticed the relevancy, grammatical and other issues to consider when creating keywords.

    I am aware of the importance of choosing the proper keywords and how to do it! I have learned that!

    The other keyword was not derived from me but from Google itself. Why? I don't know.

    My original keyword 4 Most Common Mistakes To Avoid When Defining The Niche sounds grammatically and contextually fine to me.

    Besides, I am using the article to link it to relevant content on my site, when speaking about niches! It is also a nice way to implement inbound links strategy!

    I am also aware that the search volume and other data about it are not great at all, I know that as well. Still, I decided to create the article under such a term because I liked it.

    The long tail keyword contains shorter keywords like:
    - mistakes to avoid when
    - defining the
    - most common mistakes
    - etc..

    I also knew that my LTK will not be searched by many people as well, or maybe by nobody.

    Still, I liked the topic and it is why I decided primarily to use it. If in that case, the article gets great rank, even better.

    I hope this clarifies more!

    Best regards,
    Igor13 Premium
    Hi Steve!

    I see that you really think that I don't understand you!
    I repeat: I understand what you mean. I wrote that my key LTK is: 4 most common mistakes to avoid when defining your niche.

    To me, it sounds grammatical and contextual fine. Actually, I can ask a question about it...I would like to hear from you what is wrong with the keyword? Is it grammatically wrong or it is understandable? Despite the search volume.

    I also didn't care about the rank and the volume of people are going to search for it. Even if no single person searches for it. It just happened that it ranked well.

    I liked the topic and it is why I wrote the article under the keyword.

    The derivates mentioned in the last discussion were just a part of the LTK you can modify with another word to get the LTK. I used them to create my title and the LTK in the subject. That is all.

    If I would care about the search volume and other parameters, I would definitely not create such a keyword.

    Again, I appreciate your help but I write as I feel and the topic I like. I am not writing just for rank and keyword.

    For example, If I would search for mistakes to avoid when defining the niche, I would probably use exactly the same keyword. But, then the article would be too general and to large (in fact, I could write a book about it). It is why I limited the topic to just 4 mistakes and thus the keyword!

    If the keyword (article) rank well, even better.

    I have blogs written with fewer words, grammatically and contextually fine, and were ranked much worse.

    I hope I was able to clarify more!

    Best regards,

    I really do appreciate your comments. Thanks for that!