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Today I was inspired to write about reasons why it is not always easy to succeed in affiliate and online marketing. I hope you will take 5-10 minutes of your time and read it through.It is merely the insight into the "never-ending debate" about succeeding and failing in the affiliate and online marketing business.I have lusted 10 of them, although the topic is so broad that I could list them a hundred secure.However, the ten points listed below are issues every online marketer faces. So, you as
Hello dear WA friends!Having discussions with people about the content; the most common question I received is about writing quality content.It is clear why! We re witnessing the "content marketing era" online where and when millions of people around the globe try to impress the audience and Google with compelling and great content.All to be noticed, to stand out and attract the audience on their websites. As it is clear that the competition is massive, it is also clear that it is not easy to s
Welcome To My Blog Post About Time Management.I decided to write this article motivated by the conversation in our LiveChat before yesterday when some of the members explained that one of their main constraints about Online Marketing is effective Time Management. You know the expression: "The time is the money!" Is it so? I am sure for many people it is. Why is that? Simple, because if you can't organize your time efficiently, most of your work will stay undone. It will block you from going for
April 16, 2019
ConsistencyMany people struggle with consistency. It is an idea that is not welcome all the time, but it is essential for your prosperity, success, and high achievement. We can say that to be consistent means also that you took a firm decision to achieve some goals which can in the end even change your life tremendously for good.To be consistent means that you need to repeat particular behavior or action regularly. To be consistent requires not to skip the task you need to do. Somebody call
April 11, 2019
Web Marketing Is A Huge Discipline And Area Of Action!Dear WA friends, last couple of weeks, or months, I was busy with learning here at WA, communicating, creating and building up my website, writing articles, blog posts, som blogs here on the WA paltform, and so forth.What I didn't do enough is marketing itself and promoting my website. I am still waiting for it because I want my website to grow and has more to offer. I am not rushing so far. Furthermore, Kyle selected and accepted me for the
Dear WA friends!Today I received a question from a new WA member about the content creation! Here is the question: ..."how do you come up with content for you site ..." It is a great question and that is why I decided to write this blog post! Please, read below my answer and some addtional thoughts below it. "Hi, Strive! Your question is a very common and usual question from newbies. Believe it or not, the biggest source of content is you. Your skills, knowledge you have already and all the ide
February 14, 2019
Hello dear friends! With this post, I wanted to inform the community about Google+ shutting down. Probably many of you already know about it! Still, maybe this post will help to get some more accurate information about it.On 3rd of February this year I received a message into my Gmail inbox from Google+ team that my account will shut down on the 2nd of April 2019.In December 2018 Google+ already announced that Google+ is closing this year. Now it is so far! Already from February this year is i
Hi everybody!This post is a brief resume of the Kyle's webinar "The 7 Factor “Secret Sauce!" The webinar inspired me to write this post! In my opinion this webinar should every WA member attend! Other people that strive to have success online as well! Kyle presented the reach real life and online experience in a very short time, all pointed to online success! The points I liked personally, and are listed below, are very important part of an online marketing and making money online endeav
We have a granddaughter Melanie!Welcome, Melanie to this world!On November, the 22nd my wife Doris and I became grandparents. It is our first time! We needed a little time to post this moment. Then, I decided to share this awesome moment of our life with the tremendous Wealthy Affiliate community!I asked Melanie's parents, her mother Ivana and father Michel, to do so, and they allowed me to post it. You know, getting own kids is a fantastic moment. Unique one! No one other moment can compare w
September 29, 2018
Finally!My website is connected to Google Analytics!I know, for many is this "easy-peasy" stuff, but for me is great achievement. Moreover because I did it for the first time in my life. I was trying for months to connect my site to Google Analytics. It sounds weird but didn't try hard enough.Today, I was focusing more on the issue and it owrked. With htis blog I want to encourage all the members of the community that have problems with this matter that, at the end it is really easy to do it.Th