Why are they still on premium?

Last Update: February 04, 2020

I've been a trying to expand my network and follow more people. However, I came across quite a number of accounts that are still on premium, but inactive. Their last activity (blog/comment on profile) was like 1,2, even 3 years ago.

I'm just wondering why they are still on premium. Why didn't they cancel subscription if they are not working at it on WA?

So they are still payinng for WA even though they don't use the WA platform?

Or maybe they already have a successful website and they can afford to just let their site run without being active in WA?

And worst of all, the person who referred me also went MIA since early last year, so I can't reach out to him.

Just wondering what you guys think of this. I want to expand my network, but should I just add these members because they might just appear back at WA? So far I didn't folow most of the inactive accounts that I come across.


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Idris10 Premium
Thanks everyone for the replies and inputs. I realized the resources here alone like hostings and trainings alone are valuable, and that there are those who sign up to have their websites in one place, and don't plan on being active here.

I also realize that the way I worded the post may seem that I look at these account in negative light. That is definitely not the case; I really just want to know why one is still premium when he/she is really inactive. I just thought it's a waste of their money if they are not using working at it here, akin to a gym membership whereby a person pays for membership, only comes for a few sessions then never comes again but continue to pay membership fees. But as pointed out by plenty here, they are probably using WA in a way more suited to their needs.

So yeah. Really appreciate everyone's views! But like some of the comments below pointed out, they follow those who are active as they prefer the community spirit. It's the same for me. My learning experience here has been great, and it's far from over.
megawinner Premium
Your post is a great wake up call to those who are neglecting their opportunity. It is not that easy to have time doing things on the website. Much more writing if you don't have passion!

Like a gym membership, dream and intention should be backed up by passion and your compelling reasosn!
gnoose Premium

Like others have said, I tend not to follow someone who isn't active. I don't question it tho. If you're not here, you're not, plain and simple. One thing I really enjoy is reaching out to new comers. It enhances my day when I reach out and that person comes back with a thank you, a PM or a question. When I first joined, there were folks who reached out to me. That went a long way towards making me feel comfortable in the community.

Idris10 Premium
Yes, the community here is really great. It really helps that there's always more than one person who replies your queries. I try to have more interactions here too.
lni Premium
Hello Idris, happy new year!

You're quite right, we're here for community, so inactive accounts won't do. I personally don't follow inactive people.

If I understand correctly we're here to share our successes and insights.

I have written a blog post today that can help you with expanding your network. Check it out.

Kind regards,
Dave07 Premium
Hi Idris
Yes there are heaps of inactive WA members. I personally only joined to make use of the great hosting but I enjoy the interaction with other members.
I would focus on building a network with other active members. These are the people you see posting and commenting in your WA dashboard

LadyLou Premium
As others have said, many do use the platform for web hosting and training and all the other behind the scenes benefits but are not active within the social community.
I think the best benefits come to us when we use all that WA has to offer, including networking and social.

Best Wishes