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Ooooph. Feels like a punch to the face to miss the targets I set previously. But oh well, it's alright, there was still progress, so I'll keep on going!(And by the way, besides the green Hulk that most people know about, there is also a Red Hulk that has appeared in the comics since quite a few years back! Lol)Anyways, here were my goals that were set which are due on 31 July and what I managed to achieve:1. Hit 10k followers on Instagram. (follow me @stillfigurineout. Do DM me that you're from
Hey everyone!I've been on WA for a while but still have much to learn. However, I came up with this training as I feel confident enough to share what I learnt with the community here. I did this Instagram training a few months back, but I'm surprised (and happy!) its featured at number 9 in the top 10 trainings of the day on the WA dashboard! I just feel for someone who has very little expertise in creating websites and in affiliate marketing, this is a mini achievement that I'm happy about. Ya
Hope everyone is well during this pandemic!I've kinda been on hiatus on WA because I've been home most of the time for the past few weeks. I usually work on my site and go online on WA during my pockets of free time at work, but when I'm home, my family takes up most of my time, and there's just too many distractions at home lol.I have, however, been working on my YouTube channel and Instagram. I really need to continue working on my sites though. They really need content update.Some small achi
These goals were set on 16 February, and here is my progress:My goals to meet by 31 March 2020:1. 5000 Instagram followersIn progress: I'm short of about a 130, I'm at around 4.87k followers lol. It's mostly due to not posting for around 5 days in one of the weeks because I didn't manage to find time to shoot my pics. Need to create a schedule for that!2. Get started on a YouTube channel and have at least 10 videos by thenIn progress: I've created my YouTube channel (yay!), but only have 8 vide
What's up people!As most of you know (and if you don't, now you do!), we can earn credits if we create a training and a certain number of people go through it.I don't know how many people are needed to go through the training, but I just got my first 10 credits, which can be converted to USD 5! I was so surprised when I saw my credits at the top bar increased by 10.I know it's not much, but I'm happy about it. There are really plenty of ways to earn through Wealthy Affiliate!On another note, I
March 03, 2020
Hi everyone, hope all of you are doing well and have a great start to the week!I just want to share that it has been great here at WA. I love the positivity here and the amount of help that can be found through other members, trainings or posts. It actually feels like a school for all ages, and this online campus has it all! The amount of knowledge here is a lot, but more importantly is the guidance from members. I really like how the community has different people with different areas of exper
February 16, 2020
I'm overdue in goal setting for this year!My goals to meet by 31 March 2020:1. 5000 Instagram followers2. Get started on a YouTube channel and have at least 10 videos by then3. Get my first referral4. Hit my goal of 2 post per week on my site5. At least 1 blog post per week here6. Start on another website which I've been planning of.Ok I'll keep to this 6 for now, and create another set of short-term goals in April.If anyone has any tips for me, please comment below or drop me a pm.Lets keep at
February 12, 2020
Mini achievement: I just barely made it into the top 200! Pizza for everyone! And I'm sad I missed the congratulatory message because I accidentally clicked elsewhere and the message disappeared lol.Anyways, I know ranking does not measure success, but more on how active you are on WA. So I guess currently, out of hundreds and thousands of members, I'm in the top 200 that are active here! That's a small achievement for me.I think I'm here more than on Facebook, which I feel is a good thing. Its
I think most people here would know this by now, but for newer members or those who seldom use SiteComment, I think it would help.Whenever a request for comment at SiteComment is made, most of the time more than one comment will be received. The most I've received so far is 8 comments for one request (2 credits used).I think it's because when you request it and it gets posted up, a few people would get to open it at the same time. And if they end up doing it, you get more than one.Tip #1So if y
Hi all!So after about 1 and a half year here, I'm finally confident enough to do a training based on my small success on Instagram. Do check it out in the 'Training' section at my profile!Anyways, I had difficulty doing it. I read a blog post from about a year ago where the WA member also faced the same problem, so the problem has been around for some time and I'm wondering if others have had the same experience when creating a 'Tutorial' training.The problemWhat happen was, whenever a change i