Last Update: February 06, 2010

Zen is that state you're in when you're completely focused on what you're doing. All else disappears. You become what you're doing, there is no longer a wall separating you from the other. This is the state I strive for.

I found these poems stashed away in cleaning out my old bookmarks from last year. They stand on their own.

McZen Poems

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jatdebeaune Premium
I love the Haiku Ian. Thank you.
idm Premium
So did I, glad you liked it too.
Hattagirl Premium
Thanks for posting that link. I needed that:)
idm Premium
You are most welcome. It's refreshing to find your inner truths expressed so eloquently by a complete stranger. The internet is alive. :)
Louise M. Premium
I've always loved haikus and I write some myself. Those are pretty good "nuggets of wisdom" ! :)

Thank you Ian !