Last Update: April 30, 2010

The first things I want to say is I no longer recommend CleverCloaker. To keep a long story short, I find using a simple PHP redirect much easier since talking it through with some more experienced marketers.

Here's an example of the code:





You would save the code to a file called index.php and put it in a folder on your server like

So if anyone clicks a link to it'll actually go to the URL inside your index.php file.

The other thing is I'm thinking of leaving WA, at least for awhile. I haven't been spending much time around here and I'm very busy right now. Of course, if I do leave there are still people I want to stay in touch with so I'll be sure to let you all know.

For now, if you're reading this and want to keep in touch send an email to and let me know who you are. Just in case. :)

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idm Premium
Good call Jay. You could use the same analytics code for all the redirects in that folder correct? Intuitively that sounds right to me, but just in case...
Louise M. Premium
I'll miss you and your giant hotdog friend. Louise (
magistudios Premium Plus
In regards to the code, you should also mention that Google analytics code can be added after the '?>' - this way you can track who is clicking what etc.
jatdebeaune Premium
Miss you already. Shucks for sure. Expect email. J