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Last Update: January 23, 2011

Never trust a guru. Here are Andy Jenkins and Jeff Walker with their pants down. If the video doesn't play, try visiting the source blog post below:


WARNING: There's some potty-mouthing in the video.

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Alex Copeland Premium
Not saying they haven't said or done things they shouldn't but I should point out that Salty Droid has never had a good word to say about anyone, that's kind of why they are there...
jatdebeaune Premium
Some of these people are so hyped, like Frank Kern, that people think they're the good guys and buy into it with little questioning. Let's face it, they package themselves brilliantly and draw on other people's integrity, or shall I say public image. I see this guy Salty Droid went after Tony Robbins too. The Syndicate is a scary concept.
Slugger_mn Premium
Unfortunately, I get stuff from Travis Sago about Jeff Walker all the time.. This is truly repulsive stuff!!! These guys are ridiculous if this video is truly them... I know I am a little foolish.. But I have conversations about helping people, and how to do THAT better.... Not how to get more money from ad swaps with other scumbags.. Although, I would like to add this last note.. If people buy this without knowing what it is, then they kind of deserve what they get, I believe Jeff said it best himself "Its not like we are holding a gun to their head, and making them pull the trigger.." Sad, wrong, but also true..
idm Premium
From the sound of it they were planning to take parts of their phone conversation and edit it into some other material, but apparently it got out. Salty Droid is a moniker for a guy that regularly goes after crooks and exposes them. I happened to find this while searching for some information on another marketer. I never trusted these guys anyway but I think others should be aware that they're not here to help you. Most of them anyway.
jatdebeaune Premium
Wow! where did you find it? What jerks! They're just blatant crooks. Scary thing is they will probably have takers. Sucker born every minute. It's the reason why people cringe when you say you are marketing online. How dumb can you get to record this?