Trouble loading photos

Last Update: January 01, 2017

Has anyone had trouble loading photos? When I try to load them, I get a note that there is an HTTP error. Any ideas how to get photos loaded? I have written a new post for my site, but I would like the photos to be included.

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SamiWilliams Premium
Sorry, I do not have a solution.

I would go to WordPress or whoever the theme belongs to and inquire. They have been great getting back to me with answers.I hope this has been resolved and this is too late.

Have not seen you around in a while

ibmountain Premium
Thank you for your ideas...I have tried these and still no luck. Any other thoughts on why I am having this problem?
MarionBlack Premium
Make sure that the file name contains only letters and numbers and no punctuation. The apostrophe (') is the usual culprit.
GeoffGS Premium
It happens to me. I found that if I save the draft then refresh the screen it works.
VitaliyG Premium Plus
Could be the naming of it. For example, if I title my photo like this:

my photo

It'll give me an error. But if I do this:

myphoto (no spaces)

It'll load fine, try this.