Why I Have Returned To WA

Last Update: February 06, 2017

You may have noticed that I first joined WA way back in 2008......but only stayed for a few months.

I rejoined about 18 months ago and left after a year.

You know how it is.....family, real work, play and many other distractions got in the way.

This led me to ask a question.....why have I rejoined WA?.......which soon led to a wider question.....why are people attracted to WA?

Here are the answers I came up with in no particular order

  • The need to create a supplementary income
  • The buzz derived from being part of a friendly community
  • To gain the know how to create and market their own website
  • To interact with a highly supportive community
  • The satisfaction of passing on their knowledge................

Inadvertently I may have touched upon some of the reasons why WA is such a success....it introduces people seeking knowledge to those with knowledge in a friendly, informal way.

All the best

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Kav Premium
Welcome back, you've said it all.
This place is irresistible.
JIllW Premium
Nice to have you back and I hope all is well with your family and zI cam understand distractions when we have the employment that keeps the bill paid until we build our online business. All the best
Loes Premium
Welcome back Ian, hope you will create your success this time and are here to stay
KMeyer Premium
Welcome back! Thanks for sharing.