Trial And Error Means Progress! Right?!

Last Update: Jun 26, 2018

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Hows it going everyone, been a while since I have been fully active here in the community, I still check in and answer PMs and profile messages, when I started this, I never thought I would be the guy people ask for help (Ask Away!), but anyways I have still been working on this millionaire dream of mine, but I've been expanding my foundation.

So, the main point most people come to Wealthy Affiliate is to make money and that is always my main thought, any idea that gets thrown my way gets my initail thought, "How can I monetize this idea?" My closer friends get tired of me always trying to convince them to take their idea and run with it, but they still put up with me and I will do something with all the ideas i get... eventaully! ;)

Everyone gets busy and everyone will hit an overload point, but its what you do at that point that matters...

Since March I went back to college for a full time quarter, tried keeping up on all my work online, tried keeping up with all the work my family throws my way, and took on a new career field in real estate. I took the summer quarter off so I could catch back up, but my degree option to go along with my Power Sports Technician Ceterification is Occupational Entreprenuership, figured that would be a good degree to go along with the life I chose.

Back to the real estate part, there are levels just like every industry, with real estate, there are ways to spend other people's money to purchase property and make a profit doing it. I will go into more detail about this on my own site, but for now, I started Wholesale houses. Well, 1 house and, well, I failed!

The main concept in wholesaleing is getting an owner of a property to sign a contract with you that says they agree to sell their property for an agreed amount, with the right wording and proper approval, that contract that you now have signed for a certain amount can now be brought straight to a group of investors that are willing to purchase the property, however the catch is an assignment fee, the cash investor pays you to buy the contract from you for a set price.

Now, the house I got under contract was burned down and I figured the owner didnt want it.. They didn't! I sent a letter and they called a few weeks later and I was able to send the contract to them and get it signed, fast forward 5 months, I eneded up renegotiating with the owner to lower the price, I had a buyer who needed it lowered, so I got it lowered. Fast forward a little more, at the signing table, the title woman I was working with did one last look on the property and what do you know... any extra loan for $17 Grand that needed to be paid before anything could happen... Oh yeah and the house was about to be forclosed on if I couldn't sell the house the same day I was at the title company!

Yeah... So after 5 months of learning how to negotiate contracts, finding people that want to buy them and stressing over assigment deadlines along with this house forclosure deadline, my very first one was a failure! But at least I failed! Thats means I tried! Time to try again, with more time on my hands to stay organized and schedule more time for my own sites, I will never give up on my millionaire dream!

Theres only so much time in the day... And Only So Many Days We Get.

Do what we can while we can and Never Give Up!

I am going to put in more of an effort to be active here and post more often!

So thats what I've been up to, let see what this summer will bring!

Reach Out If You Need Help!


Thanks For Reading!

Future Millionaire!

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A sailor can hardly become good by only sailing in calm water. i can see that you are making good progress. Keep at it..

Thanks for that analogy, I really like that one! Everyday learn a little bit more to become better at your passion! Never giving up!

Failures teach so much more than success. Keep your chin up.


Definitely leaned a bunch, now time to try again! Thanks Alex! :)

Hang in there, this experience you had is a character building plus in the real estate world. I know, I've been there, done it, failed and succeeded. Trust me.... that experience, not a failure, is much more beneficial than any ivy league school can give you. If I remember , a few months ago you asked if the internet neutrality change would affect you and a lot of people here were freaking out and I told you it would not impact you or them, I was right so don't look at this as failure.... but a step into financial freedom. I can tell you will succeed just hang in there. Peace.

Thanks, that is a real encouragement booster! I will try again and succeed at selling real estate right along with growing my sites even bigger, more experienced and ready for another step!

Not gonna stop! You were right about net neutrality, ready for this part to come true! ;)

Hi, Huffman,

So that is where you’ve been. Good luck with all your endeavours.

We are always around. Not to worry, lol. Great to hear from you.


That's where I've been! Thanks Becky, WA fam!

Great to hear from you again, Kenny. Sorry about the house but 2 big thumbs up for your get-up-and-go attitude.


Thanks Brian, definitely a learning experience I don't regret, a little money would have been nice though! ;)

Never gonna stop trying! :)

Excellent encouragement for new members. Started 1 week ago and feel somewhat overloaded especially when I can't get something techinical to work the way it should. Hang in there with school, been there done that and it paid off.

Hi Gail! Glad I could encourage you! There's lots to learn here at WA and lots to learn within WordPress itself, I took a year of working strictly on my sites and learning just about all I can here and outside of WA, there's still tons of things I need to learn but If you ever need a tip, I'm here to help! :)

Definitely staying in school, but so glad I didn't take on summer classes, I'm almost addicted to getting work done but I found out I enjoy doing my own work the most! ;)

great lesson and great attitude1

Thank You! Never Give Up! :)

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