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Last Update: Dec 27, 2017


Yup... Been hanging around too long without catching much profit and it finally happened. now has... Ads.

Over the last 9 months I have constructed a pretty good niche site in the area of Nerf Guns, I actually didn't really know anything prior to creating my site, I learned as I went. Anyways, over the last 9 months, I have started to acquire quite a bit of visitors to my site that are hanging around for a bit and Google is giving, my posts to more and more people everyday.. Yesterday over 300 organic search clicks from Google!

I have realized that there are way more people that come to my site to just read what I have, my reviews, lately its one of the newest models, but a majority of them don't buy, some click through to Amazon, but most just click out after a few articles, not blaming them, I'm here to help, not sell. (But More Sales Wouldn't Hurt!) ;)

I have done some more digging into Google AdSense and how it impacts rankings, but I have waited for my site to gain Trust first (90% in WA Metrics), watched some Google Official Videos about Rankings and AdSense and now its official. Has A Case Of.. Ads... Right Colum, right under "Pages".

I'm going to start collecting some revenue while I can, test some theories and find out the results. "Poke The Ad" if you might say.

Just thought I would let you guys know,

Thanks for reading! HAH


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Aweesome, Kenny. Congrats and continued success.

Thanks Michelle! Going to be nice with some extra bucks!... More experiments!.. Eventually, its only one ad for now haha!

It's a start in the right direction!

Thanks for sharing, Kenny.

Stay Tuned! Big Rog! :)

Another weapon in your arsenal, nothing wrong with surviving to help brotha

Very True! Got to make money, then spend that money to make even more! ;)

Nicely done.


Thanks Randy!

Your traffic numbers sound great.

I look forward to hearing how it turns out - good or bad. i find myself preferring websites with minimal ads so I want ads I do you to be the most profitable ones.

I didn't really want to put ads but the amount of purchases to readers that come and leave, make me want to capitalize on some profit. I went with just one for now, I will let you know how it works out for sure! :)

It makes sense what you are trying. After all, we are doing this to earn some income.

That is why I joined! If you check out my other site for WA referrals... Who Doesnt Love Money!

I love to help people that are willing to listen, WA taught me to do just that and how to profit. Now time to profit!

Awesome news! 300 organic clicks a day is bound to give you sales. How does google adsense affect rankings? I know it does in some way if you put ads everywhere but what is too much? 3 ads every page?

I have sold a little over $100 on Amazon through my links (About $4 in profit). What I read and watched about AdSense, is it does not impact your rankings, however like you said, if there are too much, that just impacts reader judgement of your site, as that goes down, your rankings are probably going to follow.

I just went with one on my sidebar, it will show up on every page that my visitors are on. Google makes smart ads, making them relevant to your readers previous searches.

Makes sense. Thanks for the help.

Hi. I am very happy for you. I hope everything goes very well for uou, you deserve it. I think everyone deserves. I know for sure that if you are here at WA, if are working hard to achieve something. All the accomplishments to you. Do not gove up!
Thank you.
God be with you, always!
Luzia Soares.

Thanks Luzia! Hard work does pay off, but at some point you got to take advantage and make some $$$. :)

That is great Kenny! making some cash is always a good thing.:D
I will be interested in your results too if u do not mind that is.


At some point, we're both going to be raking in the cash, but for now, trial and error on these AdSense Ads, I used them on my first site, but nowhere close to traffic like I have now.

I will be sure to keep you informed! :)

Sounds really good. My new site is gaining more traffic now too. I am getting ready to add an affiliate link once I have a few more articles written. :)

Awesome, whos your affiliate?

I think I am going with House of Scuba through Sharasale. I have been working on the new site for a month and I am getting about 80+ visitors a week, so I am happy so far.

Awesome, good commission rate? Better than Amazon most likely?

Oh yes, they offer 7% which is not bad I don't think. There is another one too that offers 10% but I like the selection of the first one better.

The House Of Scuba? Just did a quick search? That should work out quite well, even for little kickbacks at some point maybe, like free gear to review. You enter the world of video yet?

Justy using Youtube videos at the moment. I have no gear for videos yet. Yea I like the company and they have a good selection of products for me to do reviews on, which will keep me busy for a bit, lol. :) The kick bakcs would be nice too :D

They seem like a small enough operation that you could work pretty close with. Amazon is huge, House of Scuba is relatively small, you should be able to dominate the search engines and end up being their #1 Affiliate. Well I see that for you! ;)

I like the sound of that! lol that would be great.

Time to shake the money tree Ken!

Shake it I am! Who Doesnt Love Money!?! ;)

Hi Kenny, it looks like we started at the same time. It's been 9 months for me also and I'm at 90% trust. The traffic is slowly coming in for me.

How funny is it that I recently added the same to my sidebar!
Why not? having the text links in our articles referring to the 'concentrated' page seemed like it wasn't seen very well. Even if the visitor reads to the end, they may not know to 'click' on it?

My website is more visual so I don't have lengthy content which is perfect for cell phones. No one wants to read a novel there and they don't have time.

Both you and I did not have our websites monetized properly, and it's awesome that we now do this early on.

I wish for both of us to have success with this :D

Awesome we started the same time, now its a race to make the most?

If your reader is going to buy, they will most likely stick to your site, but if they are just roaming the internet, why not get paid to send them somewhere else to roam?

We're heading to the top! :)

Well said!

Yes, we ARE heading to the top :D

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