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What exactly do I mean by housekeeping – is this cleaning the home or money to spend on the food we buy – no nothing so usual as that.What I mean is the micro clean up of the content and web sites that we are building in our online businesses. I recommend it as an ongoing process which we should all spend some regular time on, because I have noticed recently in my own case that as I drive forward more pages and blog articles the quality of the finish can sometimes suffer.Let me give
For most of you that back up your files regularly This is more for your amusement than anything else but it does have a serious message, and for those of you who do not back up your files regularly – please read and beware. We were at my daughters place for a while and I was busy working on my laptop. I had some problem with it before we went visiting and the screen had failed to show anything. About a 100 Euros later the screen was replaced and I was in action again. This was earl
We love watching tennis and with the Australia Open just starting this week this usually means a two week period of a lot of TV time. So as I am running an internet marketing business, this could mean a very big reduction in output. This is of course highly undesirable.So taking Kyle’s blog entitled “While you are idle, I am getting things done” to heart I set out to see what could be achieved as well as enjoying the Tennis.It worked out well - because:1. There is always a 10
If you are looking at or actually working in Internet Marketing at home or in addition to your day job, then one of the key approaches which you will find helps you move forward is consistency of effort. Forget all the quick programs you are offered because Internet Marketing is a business and to make a business work look at any of the really successful ones – they are consistent over time. If you think a quick in and out in this business will work – sorry to disappoint you but it w
November 01, 2012
All my life I have lived by an approach which is - if you are going to have to do something new or create something, then you should “beg, borrow or steal” it and only if you cannot do any of these then you should make it yourself from scratch.On an initial read this will sound awful – teaching people to steal – what is this?Well I had better explain then.If you Google this term you will be amazed the number of return entries. It’s use is quite common.So what doe
When we go to a marketplace to find a product supporting our niche it all seems okay doesn’t it? We look for those related to our niche and then pick the one or ones which have a good gravity score and good commission. Next we go to the web site of the product and check it out. If all looks good we are set to go. We get the affiliate link, update our web site and wait for the money to come in – maybe a blog post as well is required. However there is a possibility that something oth
I have a website which reviews Wealthy Affiliate and I received a question late last week which I had not thought of and I would welcome any advice any of you good members can give me please. The question was as follows: Hi, I did the W/A 10 day course but it didn’t give me enough time. I’m on a very low income and cannot afford their monthly fees. What’s the solution? Thanks. What I am looking for is a sensitive and constructive answer which I can give to this question
I haven't tried to publish many articles over the past few weeks as I rewrote part of my web site, brought in images, took some more training on board, did some more research , joined Jaaxy and played with that, found some keywords and then started writing.Anyway today I had finalised my next article so into Street Articles we go.No problem with getting my draft into the article space, from MS Word.Spent a few minutes rewriting a few points - not too much because I tend to spend far too mu
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We often think we can just muddle through when we come up against problems and the proverbial brick walls as we work through our WA courses in building an on line business, don't we?It can be anything from writers block to frustration because we don't understand something we have to do. Or we have an idea for something new and can't seem to see how to do it.Sometimes we get very engrossed in what we are doing and often don't think outside the box.It can have results which are ver
I had an interesting time last week, revolving around two mistakes I made and how these were resolved. .Can we learn anything from this?Firstly I tried to write my first blog and couldn't get it to save. Sent a note to a colleague in WA and confirmed with him that my blog should save and that it isn't moderated. (Many thanks Shawn). Okay so I try again. I wrote the Blog on "picture re-sizing" and where it said add tag I put in what I thought was a tag or two. To me this was two words in