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Last Update: January 08, 2015

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Peek User Testing

I realize that some of you may already know about an awesome Free online tool called, Peek User Testing. No worries, it is not an affiliate link, but a great tool that I wanted to mention, as I continue to see a lot of new faces here at Wealthy Affiliate. Personally, I believe it is something that every single person here, regardless of their experience level, should be utilizing. For those that have been around and have not heard about this unique service, I think you are going to love it.

What is Peek User Testing?

Peek is a website that provides REAL and random user testing of websites and website functionality to any and everyone that would like to get REAL, unbiased feedback from the general public. Although, we provide one another with feedback, constructive criticism, advice, encouragement, etc about our websites, there are times that I have still personally wondered what people really think about my website.

Don't get me wrong. I have given and received some excellent feedback and advice throughout the WA community and I certainly don't want to discredit it. However, especially considering that many of us are aiming to achieve the same goal, which is to develop and run a successful online business, there are times that perhaps we are a little more lenient with our opinions and not as constructive as we truly can be.

While, WA is the best place to get specific feedback and answers to questions, having a random person navigate your website live on video, can be incredibly valuable and well, really cool. It's incredibly valuable to get a behind the scenes look at someone reading and navigating your site, while you watch.

Although, some reviewers have been more useful than others, it is rare that someone doesn't point out something that opens my eyes to make a necessary change or sparks an idea that I had never thought about before. You can see what I mean in the test that I received back a few minutes ago, below.

I usually use up my credits each month at random intervals and although, there are options to receive extended, targeted, user testing, where you are able to ask the user specific questions, the free option, which provides a 5 min overview of your website, still provides tremendous value.

User Testing in Action

I recently decided to go back and fix up some old content, as well as make some formatting changes and additions throughout my site and on the home page. I decided it would be a perfect time to run a user test and get some real feedback.

The guy that uses my site is incredibly nice and while, he didn't necessarily reveal anything ground breaking, he pointed out a completely obvious mistake that I had made in my slider images. He briefly mentions it in the beginning and re-iterates it towards the end of the video. He was just providing honest, unbiased, feedback about what he was seeing.

The way I see it is if I can get even a few words or sentences about my site that can help me make it better, I have received valuable information! You can check out the review to get an idea about the questions that are asked and the process by clicking here.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that although, there is a TON of useful comments and feedback that we give and receive from one another, there is another level of valuable feedback that we can receive from other real people, outside of the WA community.

You receive up to 3 Free reviews each month of your website, which also includes, a mobile review of your site, if you select that option. You may want ton use all 3 to test your site on mobile. Although, I am not encouraging anyone to abuse the system, if you really need more than the 3 tests, you can create more than one account with a different e-mail address.

Depending on your goals and objectives, you can also upgrade to the pro version, which allows you to get a much deeper look into your site and provides you the option to set specific demographics, questions, and objectives.

I don't always agree with all of the feedback that I receive and there may have been 1-2 here and there that were of very little use, but it's free and I have definitely received more valuable feedback from these tests than not.

Like many of you, I am constantly either working on my site or reading new information about how I can improve my site and business. I am always looking for feedback from people that can help me see things that I may not be able to see or provide information that I simply don't know, yet.

The newest feedback option right here at WA, has also been an awesome resource and if you haven't had your site reviewed or you have not reviewed someone else's, I would highly recommend giving it a try. After all, it is part of your membership. You just click the feedback tab under the Site Rubix website builder section.

Between the feedback that I have received here and the live video feedback I have received from Peek User Testing, I have had my eyes opened to multiple, very important factors that allowed me to improve both my website and my business without spending an extra dime. I would highly recommend that anyone building a website here, gives this resource a try. I have heard about a lot of great free resources here and thought this was one that needed to be shared again.

Additionally, you can also sign up to be a tester on the site. I signed up myself, fairly recently and have not only been able to provide valuable feedback for other people's websites, but I have also learned a lot along the way. When I am viewing someone's site live and giving my immediate reaction, I am realizing certain strengths and weaknesses of other people's websites that I can utilize to improve my own. Not to mention the fact, it puts a little extra money in my pocket. You need to qualify for certain tests and sometimes it is just the luck of the draw, but they pay out weekly and in my spare time, I have earned an extra $20-50 and it's fun and interesting!

Hope you guys find this resource as valuable as I have. At some point over the next week, I also have a very simple, but great training that I believe can help members of all experience levels, too. I have been focusing so much time and effort into my site and business that sometimes, I am not as active here in the community, as I would like to be, but I definitely haven't forgotten to pay it forward. That is what makes this place awesome and special. People have paid it forward to me and I want to do the same for others, when possible. I look forward to putting it together and sharing it with you.

All the best and much success in 2015 and beyond!

Howie J

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That's cool. Sent them my site to get reviewed now. Thanks
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Nice, enjoy! It's a pretty cool experience and if you're not crazy about one review, you can submit for another. All the best!
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Thanks for sharing this - great resource and comments.
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No prob, any time! It was shared with me and I'm happy to share it with others. All the best!
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Thanks for sharing, I will try it out for sure!
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No prob, Alan! All the best!
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Wow , this is new to me . Thanks so much for sharing ! I am amazed at the things I learn here in WA ! Definitely will try it !
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I totally know what you mean. I am amazed at how much I am still learning and finding out about things that I had no idea existed. All the bets and much success to you!
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Sounds like a very useful tool, thank you for sharing Howie:)
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Any time, all the best!