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Ok, lets see..!
I'm 20, I live in England, United Kingdom, I've just graduated from University doing Website Development, in which one of my modules was Internet Marketing :)

My main interests are, Computers (obviously), Football (Soccer, but also love watching american football), Poker (play alot of local tournaments, as well as online poker), going on nights out with my mates, we go clubbing quite alot just for something to do around the area where I live (The night club is probably the areas main attraction), I like to drink (not every day) and I occasionally smoke.

I would describe myself as a nice guy with a down to earth personality and easy to get on with, I am very sociable and have alot of good friends. I have a very good sense of humour and it is mainly dry/sarcastic :)

Uni was one of the places I really found out about Internet Marketing and it has intrigued me and I would like to learn alot more as on my course at uni they only really taught you about being a merchant and how to set up websites that people can buy products through.
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