Working Overtime

Last Update: December 16, 2021

It's at this time of year that my brain starts working overtime and I bet yours does too. It's not just the Christmas decorations and wondering what to buy those special people in your life. We can't help looking back at what has happened in our lives this year and wondering how much we caused it by our efforts or lack of efforts.

Oh well yesterday has gone for sure and let's hope it has taught us the lessons that we needed to learn to start making real progress in our lives and in our businesses. Give yourself a pat on the back for all the improvements you have already made in your life and then move on in the direction of your goals.

Goals - now that can be a magic word or it can be those things that we tell ourselves we are going to do tomorrow, next week, next year. What about letting your brain work overtime today on the things that are going to take you to the next level in your business. What new skill could you start working on today that would make a real difference to your life? Is it copywriting,content creation,video editing, email marketing? Any one of those could explode your business. Perhaps you would rather improve your communication skills and practice making videos until you feel really comfortable on camera.

Anyway now is the time to figure out what you need to do and what you need to change. Why not make a list of them - Don't wait until New Years Day - give yourself time to ponder over them and then you will be ready to take the steps to succeed in 2022 (maybe even join the WA experts in Las Vegas).

Bet your bottom dollar some WA members have already made their plans to hit the New Year running. Why not us? So keep those brains working overtime on those income producing activities, the multiple streams of income that will make the difference between 😀 and 😂

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JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
Awesome, Hilary! I simply prefer to saunter into the new year, business as usual! No fanfare needed! It is just another day in the life for me, my friend! Some excellent thoughts here though!

Jessiefido Premium Plus
Great advice Hilary, there is no better time than right now to start planning for the future!:-)
CherryRed20 Premium
Awesome idea, Hilary.

When you put 1 and 2 together, anything is possible. :)

Newme202 Premium
Positive visualisation all the way
As long as it is making me move forward
I'm with it
Mick-D Premium
The video idea sounds like a plan Hilary.