Are You Smiling?

Last Update: September 24, 2019

Are you smiling as you turn on your computer or smart phone? Excited to learn something new every single day? Today I found a message from Nurse Becca to tell me that Jay's webinar on Quora is up and running. I had asked about it a long time ago and she had remembered and sent me an email. Now that is something to smile about. What could you do today to make someone smile and what could you do to make yourself smile?

If your online business is making you frown then maybe you should take a step back to find out why. Are you putting too much pressure on yourself to achieve your goals? Are you so busy "working" at your social media sites that you forget to socialise?

If you find some part of your online business stressful or you are finding it hard to get your head around it slow down and take the step by step approach that you are taught here at WA.

It's not a competition - the community here are not competing with each other - they are helpful and sharing rather than comparing.

Many of us are under some kind of financial pressure - you are not alone in that - and that is probably the main reason why we decided to become online marketers. Don't let that stop you from enjoying the journey. or working at your own pace.

The feeling that comes from learning new skills is amazing - so give yourself a pat on the back and congratulate yourself for having the courage to follow your dreams - and ofcourse never stop smiling because it really will make you feel happier and spread that joy to others.

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kpercival55 Premium
I’m smiling with you Hilary!
This year with WA has been the best learning experience I’ve ever had.
Wishing you success!
EHR Premium
Good article. Gene
HeidiAnders3 Premium
Thank you, Hilary! A great morning message! Hope your day is a great one!!😁
YMerritt Premium
This is some very good advice. It is easy to get wrapped up in what you are doing, that you forget to enjoy the trip. Thank you for reminding us
Fleeky Premium