Customized pages with Elementor plugin

Last Update: March 10, 2018

Hi there, I just published my first post about interior design... so proud! Now I'm going to write two more posts about home decor. I've almost coverd all the categories I wanted to.

I am using Elementor to create my HP because my WP theme is not pro and so I have to make the page by my own in order to obtain exactly what I want. I'm using Vogue Theme and the posts preview in HP is just not a preview, actually it shows the whole posts and I want to show just the picture and the title so that people who land on my blog can scroll and chose what they wanna read... So I did it myself! After wrestling a bit with the plugin I did it, I figured it out and now updating the page is much easier. If your theme dos not allow some templates I recommend you Elementor, if it supports it. I feel comfortable with it. If you're currently using it just let me know how it goes.

Thank you for stopping by and read my post today.

See you next time,


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Debs66 Premium
I like to use page builder its free and goes with the Sydney Theme. Its one of the best free themes I have come across. It offers so many customizable options too.
I will however test out the Elementor to see how I go with that one.
Thank you for sharing.
Regards Debs ;-)
hiamari Premium
Hi Deb, thanks for stopping by and reading my post. I'll take a look at page builder as well. I'm testing things, so tips like yours are welcomed :)