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March 15, 2018
Good morning WA Community! I'm working hard on finding the right affiliate programs. A lot of them denyed my request to become an affiliate, but I keep searching and building up my blog in order to become eligible for them in the future. It's not easy at all, I struggle every day, but, what keeps me up is that I go ahead despite everything. Good news: my contents keep on being indexed in google :) Today's advice: go ahead and do not stop!Have a nice day ^_^Arianna
Hi there, I just published my first post about interior design... so proud! Now I'm going to write two more posts about home decor. I've almost coverd all the categories I wanted to.I am using Elementor to create my HP because my WP theme is not pro and so I have to make the page by my own in order to obtain exactly what I want. I'm using Vogue Theme and the posts preview in HP is just not a preview, actually it shows the whole posts and I want to show just the picture and the title so that peo
March 05, 2018
Hi there,today I finally reached some goals, after a long struggle.1) I put follow icons and share icons both for desktop and mobile. After some researches I found a widget for Word Press, with a video-tutorial too, to install share and follow buttons. The widget is called GetSocial, its highly customizable. You can chose between a lot of applications:Sharing AppsTracking and Engagement ToolsFollow AppsIntegration (such as Google Analytics)It was such a good thing finding this widget, because i
March 02, 2018
Hi everybody! As I said in my previous post I would have written again after publishing my first post on my blog... And I did it!I'm still wrestling against my template trying to figure out how to put my posts preview in the Home Page! GRRRR! My template on WP is InVogue by the way.I downloaded Elementor, a widget that helps you to build your site aspect simply by dragging and dropping elements in it, but I can' find my WP theme through it. Vogue theme supports Elementor, but I did something wr
February 27, 2018
Hi there,it's less than a week that I'm getting started here at WA. I must confess that I was a little scared and skeptical about what I could really do to reach my goal. I just wanted to write my own blog and to earn a little income from that.I'm a stay at home mom, but I worked as a graphic designer back to Italy. I actually am online with my blog, even if I didn't publish any post so far. I want to finish course 3 before I move any forward. And I'm going to begin it right away after I posted
February 21, 2018
Hi everybody, I just earned my first badge.That's all :)! See you tomorrow...