I'm Hoping You Can Help Me Out

Last Update: July 28, 2014

I am really struggling at the moment and need some support, shoving, prodding, love, hugs - whatever will help me to get going again.

I have recently returned to work after 11 weeks sick leave and I am finding it very hard to get back to the work/home routine and also to find the motivation to post to my website on a regular basis. I also need to carry on with the lessons but my "get up and go" seems to have got up and gone...

I am getting some traffic to my website but a lot more new visitors than returning so that is getting me down as I am obviously not posting stuff that is interesting enough for people to return.

Listen to me.....sounding very negative and I am not usually like that.

So, I am hoping you can help me out and get me out of this rut and back on the road to success as I have lost my way a bit......

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Maxiam59 Premium
I always find what got me to do this in the first place my love for my soul mate and to make a better life for her and then I know I can never give up all the best
hgvgirl Premium
It is hard sometimes to remember why we started this journey. It is good to look back and see why we got going in the first place. Thank you for your encouragement.
AlanCross Premium
Remember your goals and keep moving forward at whatever speed you can do!
hgvgirl Premium
I think it is getting into a new routine. after so long with lots of time on my hands to work on my site I am feeling a bit overwhelmed. Thanks for your encouragement.
PhyllisE1 Premium
Be strong sweet girl. Keep the faith and keep moving forward!! God bless you with success!!!
hgvgirl Premium
Thanks for the encouragement. I will be OK, just having a 'down' moment. Moving forward as we speak....
chaussler Premium
Congratulations! You have actually recognized the point at which most people quit and quietly go away, but instead of doing that, you reached out for help! That is a much better option. I can't tell you the exact percentage, but it's something like 98% of all people that start something like this quit before they ever see any reward.

The hardest thing about being an entrepreneur is the "keeping on" and trudging through the hard times. It isn't for the faint of heart. If it was easy with instant success and gobs of money, everyone would be doing it. Entrepreneurs fail and try again. They get down but they get back up. When everyone else says "it won't work", they say "watch me make it work". It's the nature of the beast.

Many people here would love to have the traffic you have on your website. Every returning visitor starts as a first time visitor. Keep writing. You will keep getting better. You will eventually find your tribe of fans.

I don't think you expected this to be a get rich quick scheme, so don't reduce it to that. Keep building and you will see gains everyday. Quit now and you will never know what might have been. However, 6 months down the road you could be living the life you always wanted.

Really, what do you have to lose? Why not prove all the doubters wrong? Keep going. Never give up. Never surrender!
hgvgirl Premium
Thanks for the comments. I knew my WA family would help.
Everything you say is true and I do know that. I just got a bit lost along the way.
As you say, most people quit when they are on the verge of success so I will plod on, get myself back on track and succeed.

Thanks again.
Hi hgvgirl
It won't take long for you to get into new routine, you have got to give your body time to adjust.

You should thank your lucky stars you have website visitors, some of us would like what you have got.

Just keep promising to your self that you will write that blog/post and pretty soon it will happen.

I now because I too have started work after a year of unemployment and felt injustice that I no longer had the time to write. It has all come together now, I write some in morning before work and some when I come home. :O))
hgvgirl Premium
Thanks for the boost....I think I am just feeling a bit sorry for myself. Having lots of time to work on my website was great and I do miss that.
Positive thinking.
Hope your new job is going great.