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Last Update: Mar 9, 2018

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As I scout around the community here at Wealthy Affiliate, I definitely notice a very diverse and cultural group of unique individuals. From the ethnic backgrounds to various nationalities, we are all special and can offer such expansive point of views.


There is a massive diversity surrrounding our group that is so amazing! Not only do we learn infinitive information in our training courses, but we also gain knowledge of the people---our people here!

I love the fact that I am connected to over 3K members from around the globe; from the United States, where I live--to Canada, Scotland, Ireland, UK, India, Poland, Austrailia, The Netherlands, South Africa, Switzerland, the Bahamas, Mexico, Germany, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, etc. and the list goes on and on!


No matter how diverse and different we are from each other, we all share a common interest! We are all part of this growing community of likeminders who want to succeed in this thing called life.

We also add an essential part to this platform---our knowledge. We help each other gain momentum and hope, facilitating a monumental scope of what the future holds.

I love all you wonderful people from around the globe who so dedicatingly have helped to grow my business, and I am honored to help you grow yours!

Erin :)!

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Awesome post.

I enjoyed reading every bit of it.

I am glad to be part of such a wonderful community.

Now, I wish I could meet everyone in real life.


We are in each other's hearts here and I feel we DO know each other personally. :)!!!

Is it not wonderful when a group of people, who are different in many ways can work together towards a common goal.

Oh, if those outside WA could just grasp this concept, how things would change.

I agree! It seems to be the BEST KEPT SECRET!

We are one people regardless of color, race, ideologies, religion.

Yes, SO TRUE! Well said!

Awesome community to be a part of definitely. Dave

Ditto! :)!! Thanks for your comment, Dave!

Great Post, enjoyed reading it.

Thanks, Dave! So glad you did!

Erin,you have the answer to all problems. Talk and communicate.
With all of these wonderful people,we can indeed learn from each other.
We have talents and knowledge that we seldom believe,but to others they would love to have what we have.
So we talk and share,not always for gain,but to help others
In so doing we benefit ourselves.
Indeed Wonderful people.


Beautifully expressed, Bill! Yes, this community brings out OUR best and gives us the encouragement from others to empower our valuable skills--great self esteem building. Completing the cycle, when essentially paying-it-forward, we also develop a sense of self. This giving and receiving method of exchange is what we were created for!

Beautiful Article! Love this!:)

Thanks, my dear! xoxo

Hello Erin,

Another great blog! Diversity is great because it allows us to share and learn from all walks of life.

Like the rainbow, together we are beautiful (:


You really should write a book, Eric! Your inspiration would set the world ablaze!

(Every time I go to write your name, I write mine instead and have to correct it--LOL!)

Haha Erin, trust me! I do the same >.< lol

Yes, I love the diversity, it broadens my mind and enriches my life. Thank you for this wonderful post.

My pleasure, Tania! YOU are one of those beautiful people!

Oh my what a staggering compliment. You are too and your blogs inspire me!

Love you, girl!

I LOVE this too Erin! It is so interesting and rewarding to connect with people from all over the planet here.

It's so amazing, I just HAD to write about it! :)!

I was lucky to grow up being exposed to many different people from different countries. I lived in a cabin in the woods and mountains of Alaska but my parents brought out travelers looking for an Alaskan adventure to stay with us. They worked at chores like gardening and building in exchange for room and board and transportation.

They had the chance to experience the real Alaska and see the National Park for free and many jumped at the change. We had people from Switzerland, The U.K., The Netherlands, Denmark, France, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, and the Czech Republic. I am probably missing some! The man from Czech liked it so much he came back again years later, all the way across the globe. Most of these people were young and traveling on a shoestring budget. They were musicians, artists, adventurers. The Swiss girl was studying to be an astrophysicist! It was a great way to grow up, so interesting!

Wow! That's quite the life, Jess! Thanks so much for elaborating the diversity in your life growing up in Alaska! It must have been interesting all the time!

Growing up, my Dad was a Rotary President and we took in exchange students every year for a month at a time. It was a program offered through our school. We'd send some of our students overseas in exchange for other students from all over the world. They were from all walks of life. My favorite, I think, was a guy from France whose name was Jean Luc X.

Funny how memories of importance just drift back into our lives when we least expect it!

Thanks for sharing yours. xoxo How wonderful!

I think those programs are good for young people so they get exposed to other cultures. Being around other people helps prevent misunderstanding and bigotry. We have exchange students in our schools too. I remember one girl from Uruguay.

Yes, such an important part of the town community--all for intercultural experiences!

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