Here i am new year 2020 with -top 200

Last Update: January 01, 2020

Hello community in Wealth Affiliate family.... Happy new year 2020 and welcome to your brand new goal and direction. Just to say the wishes that this year is a year of good vision 2020.

Just check on my site that I found that I am now rank in TOP FEELS great and to be honor to make it to the top 200 for the first time as I was in top 300 for 2months and finally got in this year 2020.

Anyhow though I did not make a cent or the rank is important but is good to have a drive of motivation and inspiration to move forward to make our step closer .

Hope you guys have a great holidays and is time to move back to our plan goal to carry forward into moving towards our ultimate destination through our goal .

And one more thing I want to share is that I have just purchase my own brand that is my own domain for two years.And I will be working on my own brand.Even though is not really complete as I have lots of catching up to do.

Bests year of the century.

Henry Shee

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Talk2Ray Premium
Congratulations Henry keep up the good work.
NicolaR Premium
I hope you continue to set and reach goals throughout 202.


Ocelotl7 Premium
What a fantastic way to begin the New Year. I wish you and your family all of the Best for 2010!
laparra1 Premium
Good Morning Henry,

That sounds like a really good start to 2020. Wishing you a happy and successful year.

Greetings from the south of Spain,

JeffreyBrown Premium
Congrats, Henry! Fantastic start to the NEW year!