I can't sleep...because I'm so excited

Last Update: January 05, 2015

*not sure what blogging protocol is here--I kinda talked about a lot of stuff, not all of it completely related to WA*

I’m lying in my bed, unable to sleep… and for the first time in a while, it’s not because I’m stressing out, or worried about the 25 different things I’m juggling around… It’s because I’m so excited for the 25 different things I’m juggling tomorrow.

I’m so excited, because much like the first 5 days of January, I’m going to BE HEALTHY. I’m going to wake up early (like 6:30 AM! Is that early? It is for me). I’mgoing straight to the gym, and I’m going to do a focused work out for 45 minutes. And then, I’m going toget to work super early… but I don’t care, because I’M LEAVING MY JOB NEXT WEEK! I have 7 days left in the actual office, and then I’m going on a European vacation by myself for almost a month. I can totally survive 7 more days of being an overworked customer service agent at a flailing start-up.

-Oh and when I get back from Europe, I’m finally doing JUST what I love: being a musician!) No more terrible, stupid customers, no more snotty contributors… just me, and my music (and other musicians/entertainers too I suppose. I mean, I understand that being a freelance musician is super hard too.. but I’m finally going to be able to put in the effort that it deserves.

When my company was allowing me to work at home in October, I was able to accomplish SO much with my music. I tripled my network of people, I tripled my income from music, ..I was happy? Who knows what I’ll be able to accomplish when I can really dig deep into it.

Woah, got way side-tracked just now. HEALTHYI haven’t eaten any icecream or desserts since I’ve been home. NONE. If you know me, you know that I eat icecream literally almost every night. And after every meal, I always seal the deal with a cookie, or a donut, or a mcflurry, or.. just anything sugary, or chocolatey. I’ve done NONE of that, and I seriously feel great. I have cravings still obviously, but the next morning, when I wake up knowing I didn’t put that crap in my body, I feel so excited and proud.

And the thing that has gotten me the most excited, is definitely Wealthy Affiliate. I’m going to do a whole post on how inspired I am by Wealthy Affiliate.. So I’m gonna save it…

but… basically… BE HEALTHY– It makes you so excited for the next day that you can’t sleep! (which I suppose is not healthy.. but I’ll figure it out)

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Shaquinho Premium
Henry, your excitement gets me excited:-D
Keep up the good energy!
If you want to become an independent musician you may want to have a look at music marketing classroom by Ben Sword:


This is not an affiliate link, though there is an affiliate program:-)
The great thing about Ben's marketing strategy is that he totally focuses on the most effective, least time consuming methods, so you can spend most of your time making music.

At least subscribe to his newsletter. It's free and comes with a lot of good content.

Have fun and be creative:-) Ohh..and profitable, of course:-)
HenryKopersk Premium
hey thanks for this lead! I appreciate it a ton!
Shaquinho Premium
You're welcome, Henry.

I forgot to mention David Hooper's book "The Six Figure Musician". There is a free PDF version on his website:


In case you haven't read it. It should give you some more inspiration on how to monetize your music:-)
elliseng Premium
Your excitement is contagious ! Stay healthy and awesome !
HenryKopersk Premium
Thanks so much!
adaba063 Premium

Keep taking it one day at a time!

all the best,
AussieMatt Premium
Awesome mate , that you have conveyed your level of excitement all the way to Australia. I am humbled by this, because it's been too long for me , to allow myself to be that excited about anything. Mind you , my level of excitement was very high yesterday knowing I too was going on holidays today ! So Follow your Dreams mate, and enjoy the ride !! Be true to yourself and those around you. As for Wealthy Affiliate, be true to that also because that will also help define who you are also. Take care my friend , knowing that I too , as well as everyone else is awaiting your next blog, With baited breath. Aussie Matt.
nishkarsh93 Premium
Haha! I can feel you excitement Buddy! It's good to see you supercharged, enthusiastic and full of energy and passion! I too have a craving for sweets. No day passes by when I haven't had a couple of them. It gives me immense level of happiness! :D

Now for leaving the job part, Kudos! Just do what you want to do. Go out and enjoy your vacation. I know you are excited about the 25 things that are going to happen tomorrow. And even I am excited each day for the next day. It's natural and innocuous. Just don't let anyone tell you any different!

And now! Try and get some sleep! :P