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Hey all! My site ( has been up for a few weeks now, but it's still not getting the action that I'd hope for in Google. I checked each post to make sure I didn't have any "opt-out" check boxes marked for SEO, and I'm good there. Sometimes I'll search the exact wording of the title of my post, and it doesn't seem to come up. HOWEVER: When I post one of my wordpress posts on my Google+ account (which I've connected as a contributor) that comes up! But then when someone clicks on it,
January 15, 2015
Hey everyone! As Kyle's video tutorial suggested, I am making a progress post on my blog. I haven't earned any money yet, that's to be expected, as I haven't set up any affiliate links yet. I hope that we learn that soon! :) This program has been so wonderful so far. I've been meaning to make a website for years now, and WA finally pushed me through, and now I have two up! That's crazy to me! I also used to think that writing content on my site was going to be a daunting task... Turns out i
*not sure what blogging protocol is here--I kinda talked about a lot of stuff, not all of it completely related to WA* I’m lying in my bed, unable to sleep… and for the first time in a while, it’s not because I’m stressing out, or worried about the 25 different things I’m juggling around… It’s because I’m so excited for the 25 different things I’m juggling tomorrow. I’m so excited, because much like the first 5 days of January, I’m going to BE HEALTHY. I’m going to wake