A Couple of Wise Motivational Sayings.

Last Update: December 02, 2021

Hello Wealthy Affiliates,

I came across some wise motivational sayings and I want to share them with you as they not only relate to our business, our success, but also they relate to life in general.

As I interpret this one, it is saying to move forward WE are the ones that need to take action because no one else will do for us. Nothing will happen by sitting still. Take action if you want to change your life.

This one is more self explanatory. To think, feel and live in a positive way is taking a big step towards achieving our goals. I think perseverence should be added here as well.

What do you think?

Thanking you for any additional comments and for stopping by.

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Dadaz123 Premium
Besides being positive, one should be patient, persistent and pers ervering. I call them the 3 P's!
Thank you for the inspiration
Isaiah14 Premium
I agree, Helen.Too many people just accept the way things are and don't want to put in any effort to change things.

Isaiah 😊
JarieLyn Premium Plus
Yes, perseverance should definitely be included.
Senanelo2 Premium
I love the one which says "Life has no remote. Get up and change it yourself."
davebux Premium Plus
Ha ha. love the remote quote.
Absolutely brilliant and so true.
I always say
If it is to be, it is up to me.
Good one Helen, thanks.