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Social Media has many proponents and opponents. I myself are of two minds about it. I can however see how it helps us with our websites.

But last night a raging fire burnt through the bush town of Rappville in northern NSW. One older couple thought their steel shed would be a better bet than their home. I don't know what their home was built of but I do know Rappville very well. So I assume it was weatherboard.

If their shed idea had been better thought out I think they would have fled. Imagine how hot it would be inside.

Their daughter, who lives way, way down south knew what they were doing. So she TWITTERED the Rural Fire Service, who immediately retrieved her parents. And the shed was totally demolished.

One, absolutely, for Twitter!

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Awesome story Helen!

I feel it is a good way to engage with the younger generation too!

You are right. When you get old and grey (just kidding. I have dad's hair and he still had some blonde at 84!) there is little face to face with them there youngsters.

Social media does have its advantages! Good for the daughter's insight. Thanks for sharing, Helen.


It's not to hard to anticipate the results of bush fires here. Her folks were too close and emotionally tied up, so only sought refuge. The daughter could distance herself and remember just how fast these fire run here. Eucalyptus exude a very flammable oil. So she acted accordingly.

That shows the power of social media. Twitter has proved itself as the one for high profile cases, with Presidents tweeting everything now.

Including things that really should be done face to face. When I used to apply for work if I didn't get a response (although I could safely assume I hadn't succeeded) I used to phone up the companies until I got one.

Now it seems it's acceptable to fire people via social media. Very rude and demoralising.

I agree that firing people by social media is not a good thing at all to do.

Smart daughter and a great use of social media. Thanks so much for sharing!

Yep, too bad there is so much junk in there. And so many incorrect opinions and assumptions. I live with the king of sweeping assumptions and have to often grit my teeth.

Kudos to the daugther and Twitter, Helen.

Best regards

You can tell the daughter grew up there. It's a very likely area to have fire storms. Good thing she was prompt.

That's right Helen.

Quick thinking saved her parents


Good Morning Helen,

I also have my second and third thoughts about social media as it often leads to very conflicting situations
I have seen it does help my websites so that is nice.
From your above story, it is evident it can have a very positive side as well.

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske

Back at you Taetske. I still haven't managed to contact our friend in that area. Hopefully it is only because the communication towers are burned out.

Finally got in touch with our friend. Apparently he is racing around like a chicken with it's head cut off organising his property to resist the fire.

Keeping fingers crossed.

This is a good story. Thanks.

You're welcome.

Ok, Helen. Thanks again.

4 weeks 4 bushfires south then east then north now west of Tenterfield.
A cloud forming over the fire causing lightning strikes down south from the roof of our house.
A 737 dropping fire retardant in the east.
The 737 about to drop a load to the north
The Doctors Nose is smoking out to the west now.

Thank you Tom,
I watched the ABC news this morning here in Bangkok, and my heart goes out to all in NSW & QLD affected by the fires. So many homes lost or damaged. Fortunately, all residents remain safe. Hopefully Tom you are a fair way from the fire line.

Just looking at the map of the fire area, my fire and yours could join forces. No fun for anyone.

We had to evacuate twice in our Feb/Mar fires. Fortunately it was controlled about 10 km west of us. Our air walk, a lovely feature near the confluence of the Huon and Picton rivers, was destroyed.

We have been donating eucalyptus seeds to forestry to kick start their reforestration project. Not enough trees left in the burnt area to do this with.

Our fires started with lightening strikes too. Across the river we could see them strike and then smoke and some then burst into flame. Funnily enough those were put out and the fire came from behind us.

Retardent - well the forestry managers in BC where I grew up, used to delight in spotting campers in the forests in fire season. If they could and found a good excuse, the dyed retardent made sure it went on the fires and the campers. We could always tell who was naughty by their different colour. And boy did it take a while to fade!

Yes, the garlic farm now has two red dogs.
The hill in the photo I now call red hill but is fading now.
The government better replace the Air Walk.
All the farmer's dams are empty as the choppers used the little water that they had. NO REPLACE.
The gum trees in the Tabulum fires from March are full of new leaves now.

I used to work with Public Works in Lismore. In the 90s draught, Rappville was one of the villages that almost ran out of water. The only source was via the milk tankers I arranged to haul out a load of water to them. Then haul a load of milk back to base. Then hose out the truck. And repeat. It was a dicey time.

Bonalbo was at 7 days water supply left. I had geological testers, weather predictors and water witchers (yes!). The geo guys and witcher agreed on a drilling site and the drill came in. First day there I got a call from the driller. It was raining so he had to stop. It was nice he warned me or else I would have had to pay for any time he got bogged.

Our dam is running low and they are drilling 6 bores.
4 dams further south are empty and carting water for the towns.

Yes, We live over the road from the hospital and they would give it a top priority.
The first photos were taken from up on our roof of the firestorm.

Great post thanks for sharing.

You're welcome heljam. Now that sounds like a very nice hot fruit spread!

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