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January 23, 2019
I would just like to let everyone know that we have spent the last few days in a smoky fugue.By tomorrow, we might have to evacuate. Fortunately friends have offered us a place to stay.Why. We have a large bush fire to the west of us. And we have a weather inclusion. This is phenomena where a layer of air holds, in our case, the smoke down low. Well it certainly meant our environs were a bit on the nose!This photo was taken 5 days ago. The next day, the view looked like this early morning. By
Merry Christmas to all my friends who do celebrate this holiday. This season is pretty busy here, both with us and nature.Here is one of our little visitors. We had about 6 wallaby mums visiting this year. This little one is one of the few still in the pouch.And here is an Australia Christmas carol for you. (Please note the ending is promotional but I couldn't find a 'clean' copy.
Well, in our articles, for Wealthy Affiliate, our websites, social media and what not, this is often impossible to do. My first example here is Wealthy Affiliate. First of all let me say I am rapt with Wealthy Affiliate as I am sure most of you are. But the big but is; how many say Wealthy Affiliate is the world’s number 1 affiliate Marketing platform. OK I think it is great and is certainly up there in the top contenders. On the other hand, I can’t begin to guess at how many ot
Too many people are angst about keywords. Often I see Wealthy Affiliate members asking questions that indicate they are in a bit of a panic about them.Well here are my words and hopefully you will become more comfortable after reading them. If you have any questions arising from this article please let me know.I don’t actually focus on keywords. Something that amazes me is how many people think a keyword is a magic thing. Well in fact it, or they, are really only ordinary words. So you wi
Okeydokey folks, I have just titivated my Privacy Policy to suit (I hope) these confounded changes. It's probably a great idea I did that anyway as I noted quite a few other changes necessary. In the confusion of getting this page done at the beginning of bootcamp I neglected to change certain words. Words such as going from we to I, our to my etc. After all I am not a two person website nor a company. Well I used Kyle's template, changed all that and modified it to suit me. (Oh and my site.)I
Well, I was always going to work on my Wealthy Affiliate stuff today; like I do most days.But today I was forced to.Last night we had a ferocious storm. Lightning and Thunder - a really rare treat in Tasmania. Accompanying this we had wild wind and heavy rain. When I looked up the news on my computer, it showed cars floating down the main streets of Hobart. The worst storm in a very long time.Fortunately we didn't lose power down south. We did lose some TV as the lightning blew up one of our to
March 19, 2018
Yesterday I was researching for a new post. What I found was a great video on procrastination. Now being one of the great procrastinators, I watched this and it is one of the best presented videos I have seen.Now I found this within the website of a fellow WA member. His call sign is BNakedScam.Apparently we are all procrastinators to some extent. In my case this is true. Sometimes I can not, for the life of me, start or finish something. Generally I can overcome this but I am sure, having watc
March 14, 2018
I have been going through the second month of the Super Affiliate Challenge. I have been watching Kyle's video section by section and carrying out the tasks. He sure makes it look easy and is easy to follow.Today I got to the end and lo and behold I found out something new. By the way I have done the certification courses and already had a website up and running so lots of the information so far, I have done before. So finding a new thing, and such a worthwhile one, is really exciting.Kyle walk
Sometimes I think I have really odd-ball friends. And now I know for sure that I do!For all fellow BBQ freaks out there this is for you."BBQ & Beer Cooler Australian engineering at its best...!!!!""When you are finished cooking and the ice has melted, just pull the handle & the fire goes out.Is this a great country, or what?!!"
Do you ever get confused about what you should eat. Does it appear that no-one really has the answer.Well in this case appearances aren't deceptive. This little clip says it all. in summary think about the avocado. Not that long ago it was taboo. Now it is a wonder fruit.