Simplicity Sells . That Is All

Last Update: August 31, 2020

Humans have a tendency to over complicate life and business but all that does is make everything harder.🧠

When you simplify your biz it is easy for your customers to understand exactly what it is you do and to tell others.

It starts with your vision for your business.

Can you clearly define your “business why” in one or at most two sentences❓

What is it your business does and who do you serve❓

And your content and messaging

Is it easy for anyone looking from the outside to see what you do❓

Could they tell someone else in simple terms what it is you do❓

Look at your sales vehicles
Is your lead magnet easy to consume❓

Is your webpage navigation simple to use❓

Are your funnels logical and clear (if you use them)❓

Simple doesn’t mean dumbing it down to the lowest common denominator.

It means taking the least amount of words and steps to explain yourself.

🔥 A confused mind says NO, so find every way to keep it simple.🔥

I would encourage you to take 30 minutes ⏰ this week to review every touchpoint you have out in the digital marketing world to see if it is as simple and to the point as it could be.

Did you find this helpful❓

Are you happy with the simplicity of your business❓

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Lewsoftbal Premium
There is a saying that is used in the sales arena called "KISS" = "Keep It Simple Stupid". I do not recommend saying the "Stupid" part to customers but I do recommend keeping it simple.
HeidiY Premium
Exactly couldn't agree more
Dorrie1 Premium Plus
Great advice thanks
HeidiY Premium
Thank you Dorrie
sandi32 Premium Plus
Thanks, Heidi. My brain tends to over-complicate everything and then my brain gets overwhelmed. Once overwhelmed, it is very easy not to take any action at all. I am trying to learn to just take little steps at a time so as not to get too overloaded. That is my goal but it is still a work in progress.
HeidiY Premium
This is so very true of all human minds, once overwhelmed it is easier to just shut down and take no action at all, good move to take little steps at a time, that way we move forward and enjoy the process too.
AkshaySaxena Premium
Amazing. Thanks Heidi.
HeidiY Premium
You are very welcome, thanks for having a read
GeoffreyC1 Premium
Well put!
HeidiY Premium
Thank you Geoffrey 💜