The never ending learning - do you enjoy it?

Last Update: February 16, 2017

As for me: I do and I don't at the same time. And I guess you probably feel in similar ways, right?

As you might have noticed, I refrained from engaging in WA as I did before. I felt too much overwhelm and distraction which kept me from working on my websites. I have a lot of them, with different topics and different goals - you can see them on my profile page -, and I left them all half done. It is not that they are completely done now, but I succeeded to accomplish what was waiting for me for more than a year - and before WA I never thought I would be able to do it myself.

Here what I did:

I succeeded to create a membership site, free membership and paid options, with the appropriate paypal buttons, the email integrations, the funnel pages with the various offers with the respective pages on my relationship website. The course I plan to offer is done for more than a year, all videos, texts etc. but never found its appropriate place where people can go, opt in and purchase the course as well as get all the material.

Woohoo! Now I need to begin how to market it and get people to notice it. The learning will enter a new phase. Every time something is finally done, it is satisfying and gives me the inspiration to go on and learn more.

Thank you everybody who has helped me here in the community to learn and go ahead with confidence!


PS: I have no idea why the picture comes out so big, does anyone know how to keep it smaller?

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kasage00 Premium
Learning never stops
Gordon-D Premium
I dont think you can ever learn enough,
MKearns Premium
I love learning Heidi!
reanna1 Premium
Well done, Heidi!
Heidi56 Premium
Sorry, the picture came out much bigger than I intended!