Happy Spring! some beauty-energy for your work!

Last Update: Mar 25, 2017


Hi everybody,

We are three months in the year already and here in Italy, where I live, we had the fist summer-like day today. I would like to send you some good vibes by sharing a few photos with you which I have taken in the last few days.

This is how my courtyard looks like right now!

And this is the bouquet collected around my house which we used yesterday for our live broadcast:

BTW: Success notice: Our live broadcast series CONSCIOUS AGEING went well, one more interview with the spiritual teacher and activist Terry Patten and a final panel discussion. Success in having delivered a weekly show since November - and having been able to keep up to date the website (thanks to what I have learned here on WA)

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I love the pictures!

Thanks Heidi! terrific eye candy. I feel like having a colorful fruit shake!

This is the time I love most about living here, the "Coloful fruit shake" as you say Mike

Gorgeous Heidi. It's always so calming looking at flowers! It's been pretty good here in the UK today too...although I'm sure not quite as warm!

I'm intrigued by your live broadcast series....could you send me a link to your website or more info on this?

Thanks :) Happy Spring!


Hi Louise,
Thank you for the feedback! And I am happy to tell you more about our live broadcasts.
As it is against the rules to publish our urls here, please go to my profile where you find THE WISDOM FACTORY and from there you find everything and contact me also from there.

Great, thank you!


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