Happy new year - What are you up to this year?

Last Update: January 01, 2017

Hi WA community - friends!

I have taken many days off. I really needed some time where I deliberately don't check blogposts, questions or answers and just feel free to spend most of my time away from the computer. Now I begin to wrap my head around the new year which has just started and I ask myself what will be the most important things to do in 2017.

Before I share some of my thoughts I want to wish you all the very best for this coming year - and the fulfillment of your wishes and desires!

The three clover leaves stand for your wellbeing with your family and friends, for your personal development and for the success with everything you are working for.

If you like you can share your thoughts about these three (or more) areas in the comments below!

As for me I can name the following ideas for the coming year: I plan -

1. Enjoying ever more and with increasing gratitude the relationship with my husband whom I met exactly 5 years ago and with whom life, finally, has become very fulfilling and interesting. I plan to extend and curate my circle of friends by more deep conversations in person or via video on important topics like personal development, community building, scientific topics and how to change institutions,

2. Learning ever more things about building websites, promotion, SEO etc. on the one side, and experiencing the gift of psycho-spiritual development. Developing better communication skills with my inner being and with other people on the other side. with other words: developing more lines of intelligences. (Cognitive, emotional, spiritual, artistic, social etc.)

3. This year I am working for creating and completing all my websites, especially the "roof"-website of my Non-profit Organisation, where all the project related websites will be connected. Then get the advertising Bonus for non-profits of Google - in ways that Adsense wouldn't cost my private money. From there offer hospitality in Paradiso Integrale in Italy and all sorts of courses for personal development and relationship building in a way that - hopefully - will be seen in the search engines.

4. Not to get caught too much in the feeling of being chased by so many things which could/should be done (as it happened to me in the first few months here in WA), but keep a steady pass without too many distractions by new and seemingly exciting things and opportunities. Allow myself enough time to enjoy life, real life - away from the computer.

So, that's me. I am curious how your plans are for this year.

Happy to be on this journey with you all


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bigrog44 Premium
Happ[y New Year, Heidi.
HarveyBrown Premium
Thanks Heidi, I wish that everything positive that you have identified will come to fruition.
Heidi56 Premium
This is a wonderful wish, Than you, Harvey.
Gerlinde Premium
Very nice list, Heidi!
I'm a bit lazy about making a list! But I should think about it! :)
Happy New Year - Buon anno nuovo! :)
Heidi56 Premium
Thank you, Gerlinde!
It is not really a written list - at least it was not before this post. These were the things which ran through my head in the last weeks and months.....
Buon Anno Nuovo - Ein gutes und erfolgreiches neues Jahr!
kasage00 Premium
Thanks for sharing, and happy new year!
reanna1 Premium
Happy new year, Haidi!