Ubuntu has arrived

Last Update: February 13, 2015

Hello everyone, as promised, Ubuntu has arrived.

Starting late 1994, I worked for 5 years in membership accounting for a long established HMO. Employees were assigned groups and we had to maintain the membership updated by enrolling new hires, deleting dependents or members as per requests and reconciling the payment received to the amount due, making adjustments for discrepancies.

I worked on a terminal of the mainframe and had a IBM PC assigned to me. One of the groups assigned to 2 employees was a national account of a well known chain store with over 60 stores enrolled in the plan, where coverage was available. This group presented the peculiarity of the individual stores sending the payment to their main office back east and they in turn sent the HMO a check with the breakdown of the amount for each store.

I requested the group be assigned to me and made spreadsheets in the POC to reconcile. Because of the limited memory of the PC and the fact that their program was third rate, I had to breakdown in groups of 6 store per sheet. Eventually managed to get Lotus 123 and that improved speed, and finally with Quattro Pro it went even faster. To expedite monthly updates I created Macros to accomplish it,

It was at that time that I installed SuSE Linux in my PC at home, and became elated by ease and speed of the operating system. I was unable to convince the HMO to change the OS to Linux. I was happy for 10 years with SuSE until 2004 that Ubuntu was born.

Any Linux system excels in performance in comparison to Windows and in fact most of the servers run Linux. It is only the geeks and nerds that use it for home and I am one of the few.

Although updates in Windows are automatic, many snake oil peddlers try for you to download programs to clean registry, boost speed and block malware, viruses, trojan horses, etc., when in reality, those programs contain the bugs that take over your PC and worsen the situation. he programs that clean files by deleting them and scan your system for optimization are very slow and you can take a couple of hours to accomplish whatever tasks.

Ubuntu does not crowd your screen with icons and has a graphical user interface (GUI) look. As a rule I click the software updater program and the updates are installed fast. Once it is done, I run a command from the terminal: bleachbit, enter my password and click Preview. Whatever extra files are in the system you can delete with one click and it takes seconds instead of minutes.

I also installed a program named wine (wine is not emulator) which is used to run applications not available in Linux, in my case, Netflix and Kindle Reader.

I can not stop praising Ubuntu and on my next installment I will tell you about the story of both SuSE (origin ally from Germany) and Ubuntu, based in England.

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JJordie Premium Plus
bsmith1222 Premium
I loved it and can't wait for more.
Loes Premium
I just left Ubuntu behind me:( Because of the elderness of my computer, I couldnot do my work proper, so I have switched computers with my husband, who has windows 8.1 on his computer.
JJordie Premium Plus
and she is still very sad at the forced move.
drric Premium
I love Ubuntu!!!!!!!!!!!!
Debbi26 Premium
Interesting AND you brought back memories.....Lotus 123. We've come a long way.