My First Month with WA report

Last Update: March 06, 2015

My First Month with WA Report.

Tomorrow is my first month anniversary with WA and my report will have to be a comparison to the one done for the first week. Rank climb was much faster during the first week but the slower rate does not affect me at all. I realize that when you join a group. You want to impress and get immersed in the ideology and ways of said group, therefore you progress at a faster rate.

I don't want to label WA a Mutual Admiration Society, but it takes a big part of your time to stay in touch with fellow members. Being an analytical person with an emphasis on left brain functions, I find most of the questions superfluous . For me, a Google Search is most of the time the way to find an answer.

Blog Posts are important and my choice is to devote more time to that and training more than to other topics. Having stated my feelings and assessment of WA and my membership, I will next expose what I consider a faster approach to success.

If the goal is to get as many revenue producing websites, the emphasis will be on training to enable the publishing of the revenue sources. This includes not only the resources from WA but also the inpout from all the members that willingly share their findings to reach better results.

Another immediate goals is to set up websites that will enable me to pay the yearly fee, which in turn will decrease my expenses of my endeavor.

To minimize time spent to stay in touch with fellow members, my priorities will have to be: followers at the top, blog posts according to importance next and questions deemed important last. Learning never ceases but one must allocate time according to importance.

Once I get going with my method I will have the time to go back to the subjects I want to share with all of you regarding not very well known people that have made a difference in our lives.

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bsmith1222 Premium
Great job and congrats
Loes Premium
Success the upcomming periode!
pbar47 Premium
That is an excellent breakdown and analysis. I remember that blog you wrote. You were new and feeling a bit overwhelmed. I am glad you were able to prioritize and recognize that the most important thing you are here for, is to Learn as much as you can. with the courses provided for this purpose. Rank is cool but some worry about it a little more than they should. As you learn more and grow and interact within the community, your rank will evolve with you. It should never be the primary focus of your membership here at WA.
KatieMac Premium
seems like your are progressing well, whilst we all try and help just remember it is about you working on your business to and that the good ranks we seek are within google, have a good weekend
tomtitty006 Premium
Your doing well Hector.Good Job.