I Finally Got a Hockey Stick!

Last Update: March 06, 2019

Well it's taken a while, but all that hard work is starting to take off! After over a year of creating content for my site, the results are comming in, and so are the sales! It's a great feeling when you login to your shareasale account and see multiple sales per day. And most of it is from work that I did over a year ago. It just goes to show that if your willing to put the work in now, you will reap the rewards down the line.

My best advice for everyone is just "Don't Quit"! Work through the frustrations of putting in time and effort without seeing results. If you are persistent in your efforts they will pay off!

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NnurseBecca Premium Plus
You are awesome thans for sharing very nice:)
LornaF Premium
Don't quit! congrats, and thanks for the encouragement!
littlemama Premium Plus
SO AWESOME DAVID!! Congratulations! So happy for you!! KEEP working on it and bigger things will happen!
apache1 Premium Plus
Well done David keep going forward and great to hear all is going well.