Is Premium Membership too Expensive for the Average Global Citizen?

Last Update: May 25, 2017

Premium Membership is a bargain in my opinion especially when one considers the additional training that is available. What is sometimes overlooked is that as a WA Affiliate, one's commissions essentially DOUBLE. That's right - you receive TWICE the commission on a referral as you would if you stayed with a free membership.

I have referrals signing up from all over the world. Often, the first reaction from someone in southeast Asia is - "Wow! $49 US Dollars a month - how can I afford that"?

My response is you have 2 choices:

1) You can keep your free membership and once you have 4-5 referrals go Premium then YOUR Premium Membership is essentially free from that point - so upgrade then.

2) You can decide you are really serious about making money online and do whatever it takes to advance to Premium Status ASAP. THEN, your Membership is paid after only 2 of your referrals go Premium.

As a Premium Member, you receive US$23.50 Per Month commission for each of your referrals that go Premium. Do the math... $23.50 x 2 = $47.00 FOREVER! - or at least as long as your 2 referrals stay premium members... HOW COOL IS THAT??? You can live in Bangladesh - or the North Pole and earn US Dollars!!!

How can you afford NOT to be a Premium Member?

Cheers - Alan

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annash Premium
Indeed an achievable way to creating a long term business!
Hbroken Premium
Thanks Steve. If you're in this to start a business and make money, Premium is the ONLY way to go.
Cheers - Alan
SteveCrozza Premium
Very good point and a great way to explain this to potential members. I like that.